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I wish my butt was lil bigger.....


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perfectionseekerFrom: perfectionseeker | 2011-10-12 17:45:06

People have such miserables lives. U can clearly see that her because of her tattoo's. Hun you look great!!! Congrats!
BrittBrattFrom: BrittBratt | 2010-10-23 20:21:45

BrittBrattFrom: BrittBratt | 2010-10-23 20:18:51

wow! im a newbie to this board and I thought this is where people post honest pics and share their journey with others. These are clearly 2 different people. everything is correct up until you get to the green thongs and the black thongs. totally different ass!
FLGIRASOLFrom: FLGIRASOL | 2010-07-05 21:06:18

Confirmed by Dr. Azurin and his staff. This album is from TWO (2) different patients. I wonder which one had buttocks augmentation and who had TT.
metamorphosis4meFrom: metamorphosis4me | 2010-01-30 16:22:33

Absolutely great results! The fullness of your booty is perfect and your waistline really compliments your shape.
A couple of questions-I didn't see it mentioned in the comments.
- You didn't do anything to your breasts, correct?
I ask because I was curious as to how many procedures they will combine at once.
- Did you state the cost or would you give us a ballpark on the cost?

I find it very catty that others felt compelled to claim the pics were not you.
To the member trying to say the pics were not of the same person, how about you really look at the pics next time before you attempt to question someone's character.

If you take the time to look at the pic "post op week 4", the one that shows a bit of the left shoulder, you can faintly make out the end of a tattoo on that shoulder that looks like the outline of the tattoo of the left shoulder in the pre-op photos.

So I suggest the haters not apply for any CSI positions anytime soon...lol

Thanks xoxo4012 for sharing your pics and your experience. Your results are fantastic and you should be very proud of your appearance.
lushlipsFrom: lushlips | 2009-12-30 00:19:17

I love your new butt.
valdeniseFrom: valdenise | 2009-12-13 11:44:15

I was on Dr Azurin website checking out his pictures again. I've decided to make a consult with him.. I love his tummy tucks, liposculpture and buttock enhancements. I've been so into the plastic surgeons in Mexico but I"m thinking I just may stick to the U.S...It's a really hard choice to make. Thank you for showing Dr Azurin results...
xoxo4012From: xoxo4012 | 2009-12-09 19:05:45

Thank you very much for the support!! means so much to me......
everydaythoughtFrom: everydaythought | 2009-12-08 07:58:35

Wow, I think you look fabulous and I believe these pics are true and accurate, you will always get a hater or two, know that it's because you look damned HOT! love the new booty, fits your new frame perfectly. :)
xoxo4012From: xoxo4012 | 2009-12-04 23:00:36

Thank you so much!!! and means a lot to me and yes I am very happy with my new body :D !!!!
buttmodel09From: buttmodel09 | 2009-12-01 14:37:19

I think those pictures are quite accurate...if you look at the 8th picture you notcie a small brownish blob on her hip thigh area bu ts actually a tatto when you click on the pictue to make it larger then look at the 13th picture with he whi panties you see the same small blob on the hip/thigh area and its the same tattoo..Leave this poor girl alone!! this is the main reason why ppl lock their photos..if we cant see pictures how are we (the newbies) getting educated..Calm down ...oh and btw you look great XOXO
xoxo4012From: xoxo4012 | 2009-11-25 09:04:53

OMG! LMFAO!! this person Rican girl need to go home and drink some rum. I'm done Fu*king with her now. she is a FOOL !! hahahahahaha
boricuabooteeFrom: boricuabootee | 2009-11-24 13:09:31

Don't you guys see the girls with the booty augmentations..Now look at hers with the white underwear DON'T YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE..It doesn't match, body frame is way off..She hasn't posted anymore updated pictures because those pix are not of HER...Get a clue!!!!
Hearat1From: Hearat1 | 2009-11-23 03:44:08

Just post another full body pic with the tattoo on your thigh showing and that should settle the matter.
xoxo4012From: xoxo4012 | 2009-11-19 19:11:16

LOL! You are soooo right @Peral. But I seen her (BORICUABOTEE)before on someone's page talking negative stuff, calling her name. So maybe she just love talk Sh*t about happy ppl. Other than that I am so appreciate for everyone that support me. I will upload more pics soon. Thanks and much respect!!!
peralFrom: peral | 2009-11-19 18:37:20

@BoricuaBootee please you are so lame. The point of this website is to encourage other females that might be going through a procedure or just get an idea of what doctors are out there and what they offer. However, females like you that have hate in their blood just aren't with themselves much less be happy for someone else. Dr Azurin is a great doctor and like I said before I will be having the same procedure next month. Don't hate you probably just mad that your $ can't reach. Bye HATER :)
xoxo4012From: xoxo4012 | 2009-11-19 12:18:01

Ooops miss type Flame>Frame haha.
But I really do not understand I guess so many fake pics and fake ppl on here. I've told yall that I wish if I could have bigger butt. no my booty isn't a huge monster butt... but I am happy. some ppl are just not happy for happy ppl. LOL
Well I'm done talking about a few haters. and Thanks for the support!!!
xoxo4012From: xoxo4012 | 2009-11-19 11:44:41

xoxo4012From: xoxo4012 | 2009-11-19 11:41:02

@BORICUABOTEE well it's all me. too bad that you act like you know everything but why would I wanna put someone's pics on my album? I think that's so pitiful and sad .But it's kind of funny. different body flame?? lol such a professional indeed. But it's all me and I am not giving ppl a false hope. I love my body now and I am proud of it. I am much more confidence and you can't break it. thanks but you are dismissed. If you have a doubts, please call Dr.Azurin and confirm that you are TOTALLY A FOOL. thanks and no reply need it.
BORICUABOOTEEFrom: BORICUABOOTEE | 2009-11-19 09:25:30

As I look at these pictures..The Post Op pictures are NOT YOU...Why are you fooling these people..The post-op pictures have a different body frame as yours..Also the one with your long hair in bras and panties and camera phone you butt isn't big at all..Why do people take the time to post pictures of other people and give other "false hope"..ALSO, THE BEFORE PICTURES, YOU SIDE VIEW HONEY YOU NEED CHIN LIPO I noticed you didn't mention that...OF ALL PEOPLE THE OTHER GIRL WHO IS GOING TO THIS SAME DR, ISN'T IT A COINSIDENCE THAT SHE'S GOING TO THIS SAME FUCKIN' DR AND JUST WANTED TO SEE RESULTS POSTED..Y'ALL SOME LYING BITCHES..
FLGirasolFrom: FLGirasol | 2009-11-18 20:54:02

You look amazing. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for the lipo and buttocks augmentation? Thanks Miriam
xoxo4012From: xoxo4012 | 2009-11-18 11:31:04

Thanks @jazzkelly09 yes Doc in Mex seems pretty good too :)
jazzkelly09From: jazzkelly09 | 2009-11-18 10:29:36

U look great, nice A$$. Good wish u the best kep the uploads coming. Most of the work I liked so far was done in Mex. But your new booty look pretty damn good
xoxo4012From: xoxo4012 | 2009-11-18 10:12:34

Oh wow!! good luck to you @ peral. His work is amazing. especially his TT! my incision is ultra low and fine. I wish if i could show it to you in person LOL!!! but his ppl are wonderful as well. you will be loving your body :) No o pain no gain.
peralFrom: peral | 2009-11-18 07:11:56

You look amazing!!!! You look so good! You should be very pleased I have to say. The swelling doesn't look bad at all and its still early. Your belly button looks GREAT. It looks natural compared to many I have seen on this site. I am so excited I am having the same procedures done Dec 15 by Dr Azurin. I'm scared of the pain, but excited about the results. Happy to see pictures of someone who has gotten work By Azurin. Keep us posted with more pictures please!
peralFrom: peral | 2009-11-18 07:08:50

OMG I am going to him December 15 and getting the same procedures done. You look amazing. You should be very pleased. I am so excited and happy to get the procedure done by Dr Azurin he is really good. Your belly button looks great. It looks really natural. I am so happy to see results from Dr Azurin on this site. Fabulous!!
xoxo4012From: xoxo4012 | 2009-11-18 03:10:59

LOL yeap it's all me. I have a full TT and Blazilian butt lift and lipo. OMG!! fat graft pain was no joke...... haha. bt like I said Dr. Azrin is the best doctor. he work is amazing. I am still swelling on my lower back and abs.and still numb and having a hard time my killer itching sensation!

@indickalove I have my whole back lipo, and flanks, abs and front thights.
valdeniseFrom: valdenise | 2009-11-17 22:01:27

Girl, you look like a TOTALLY different person. I thought it was two different women in those pictures..So what did you have a TT and BUTTOCK AUGMENATION..I did go to DR AZURIN site and his work is EXCELLENT.

p.s. i hope i didn't offend you but your "post-op" pictures are amazing.
xoxo4012From: xoxo4012 | 2009-11-17 21:32:54

thank you very much. yes he is the best!!!
indickaloveFrom: indickalove | 2009-11-17 21:31:41

Is that really you because you look great, just curious because I can't see your tattoos on your upper back from those pictures. They did a good job removing the fat, and most times the sweling doesn't go down that soon, but were there prices pretty reasonable, and how many places did you get lipo from??? Thanks
buttmodel09From: buttmodel09 | 2009-11-17 21:19:49

cant wait to see...!! you look grest!! i was once considering dr azurin he is an excellent doctor...
xoxo4012From: xoxo4012 | 2009-11-17 16:01:15

560cc each. wish my butt was bigger... but I am happy so far. I will upload my new booty in my new skinny jeans :)

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Username: xoxo4012
First Name: R
Location: FL, United States
Gender: F
Age: 54
Height: 5'6"
Ethnicity: Asian

Procedure Details

Date of Procedure: 09-29-2009
Results: 4 (Happy)
Weight: 186 lbs
Doctor Name: Dr. Azurin My Profile
City of Procedure: Coral Springs
Sate of Procedure: FL
Country: United States

Buttocks Augmentation, Lift, Implants:
Buttocks Augmentation Type: Buttock Implants

Liposuction, Alternative Lipo Treatments:
Body Area: Flanks/Love Handles
Liposuction Type: Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)
Volume Removed (cc): 1101-1200

Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty:
Pre-Op Dress Size: 12
Post-Op Dress Size: 8
Tummy Tuck Type: Full Tummy Tuck

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