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Same1 From: Same1 | 2013-01-09 09:52:53

Ur ass looks great can u please forward me the info at slfowlkes@ymail.com

luvvpenni@yahoo.com From: luvvpenni@yahoo.com | 2012-07-29 00:53:48

Will anyone pls snd me the info luvvpenni@yahoo.com thnks

tryingsomethingnew From: tryingsomethingnew | 2011-07-17 14:14:38

Can someone please tell me how to get this done???? detbstkptsecret@gmail.com

Shekinah09 From: Shekinah09 | 2009-03-24 15:28:24

I know people always beg you for the information. So, I dont even know what to say but to ask if you could just hook me up. I put everything on my Lord and Savior I will not spill the beans. I do not play on my fathers life. peaches_coco@yahoo.com, Just like you were done a great favor share the love please. *smiling*

jiggaswifey From: jiggaswifey | 2007-06-18 20:00:11

hey girl, ur results r fabulous, I have also contacted the famous hydrolady to get the procedure done, did she do u? I only ask because I know she travels all over the country. How much was it n r u happy with the size of 500 cc's each. I dont want to b porno star big, just round out my hips some and have more projection up on top then just a bottom booty. R there any scars or bruising after???

peachesgalaxy From: peachesgalaxy | 2007-06-17 17:29:25

hello sugar you look great. i live in england and would like to have hydrogel injection like yourself. they dont do it in england. i know you probably get alot of emails asking for your help. but i am begging you could you give some information how much it cost? how may times do you need to do? and is it permanet? are there any side effects? and where did you get it done?
thank you for your help
peaches. my email is p-bird@lycos.co.uk

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