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msbri2u From: msbri2u | 2012-11-27 06:47:33

Thank you so much for a thoughtfully written description of your surgery and your actual surgery procedure. You didn't leave anything out!

NMBM From: NMBM | 2011-10-21 20:24:23


As a medical professional of the bay area community, I diligently researched the clinical expertise of a plastic/cosmetic surgeon who was not only board certified with stellar patient reviews, but a physician with an aesthetic and artisan eye for the CURVATURE of an ultra feminine female physique. My quest was to find a physician who understood the meaning of "Hour Glass”, “Figure 8", " S Shaped" body!! Several girlfriends including myself have admired the amazing bodies displayed in Rio de Janeiro and on Miami Beach. A few of them even sought the cosmetic services of Miami surgeons. Although astounded by their results, geographically, it was more practical to search for talent close to home. After 8 pre surgical consults with numerous Tampa Bay area board certified surgeons (Clearwater & St. Petersburg, FL, as well), I procured the talent of Jaime Perez, MD. My reason for seeking his services is strictly due to attributes Caribbean and Latin women are known for, his culture, familiarity and experience. Dr. Perez’s clinical knowledge coupled with his Latin heritage was the prescription I needed to rejuvenate and possibly, re-invent my physique. While in my fun and fabulous 40’s, status post 3 abdominal surgeries, inclusive of yet not limited to, a cesarean section and a full vertical hysterectomy.

My first impression began with the initial telephone conversation to schedule an appointment. The receptionist was kind, courteous, and featured a smile in her voice. Upon arrival for my consultation, with my questionable Hubby in tow, a bright and bubbly associate greeted us, by the name of Victoria. Halfway through completing the office questionnaire/history/physical form, I was called in, where my husband and I met with Victoria in a medical conference room. To be candid, having my husband present for my initial consultation was extremely challenging, as he felt I physically appeared “perfect” in his eyes. As much as I love, respect and appreciate his love and devotion, my objective was to improve upon my existing canvas for “fine tuning’, as I vehemently conveyed to Victoria, Patient Care Coordinator. My intake paperwork described seeking a full abdominolplasty tuck and re-modifying an 11-year-old saline breast augmentation. Victoria processed my information, and later returned to introduce Jaime Perez, MD.

Instinctively, I was taken by the handshake extended to me, as Dr. Perez used both hands, one on top of the other, signifying sincerity. Dr. Perez was confident, reassuring, extremely personable, and compassionate. He welcomed any and all questions that my husband and I had, which were many. His professionalism, patience and candor were also note worthy. Upon completing our boardroom consultation, Victoria escorted both my husband and I to an exam room. There, Dr. Perez performed a physical exam, and discussed options for the procedures of which I expressed an interest in. They included abdominolplasty, featuring an accentuated waistline, and a breast augmentation redo of saline implants, 11 years of age. Dr. Perez recommended fat grafting. A new innovative procedure, which has produced outstanding outcomes. The fat grafting would be to the upper region, and inside quadrants of my breasts. This option would provide additional volume atop of the breasts. Additionally, fat grafting placed on either sides of the saline breast implants, would aid in camouflaging any possible rippling of the new saline implants; which was significant in my aged implants. A mini tummy tuck in lieu of a full abdominaloplasty, liposuction of flanks, and iliac rolls; hence a Mommy Makeover.

With much anticipation and dreaded fear, the morning of Thursday, July 7, 2011, was the scheduled rebirth of my newly reconstructed torso. Dr. Perez appeared shortly after our morning dawn arrival. Wild, rampant, fear seasoned with zany thoughts danced in my head, as my husband and I sat in the waiting room after check in. Shortly after, Dr. Perez entered the waiting room, and sat down. In my peripheral view I could see the surgery room lurking in shadows just a few feet away, as my intense anxiety was about to take over my psyche. Dr. Perez engaged in conversation, as we all simply sat talking about a variety of issues, unrelated to my reason for being there. Oddly enough during this time, I got a glimpse into the window of Dr. Perez’s world; revealing himself behind the white coat. I discovered a genuine and compassionate philanthropist. He has traveled to foreign countries, devoting and donating his time, specialty skill set and craft to benefit others struck with physical ailments. Instantly, any and all fears were diminished, my heart rate reduced, and calmness comforted my spirit. Finally, I was able to …EXHALE! I knew I was in good hands, seeing we all shared a common thread for humanity…THIS IS THE TYPE OF SURGEON I WANTED OPERATING ON ME.

The last grain of sand ran down from the preverbal hourglass, and it was time to walk to the operating room. Vividly, I can recall the very cool room that was a fresh sterile environment, odor free and clean smelling, along with shining instruments upon a table. Gheri the registered surgical nurse, warming greeted me, and began to scrub me down with the surgical scrub. Dr. Matar, was kind and cheerful, and took her position prompting a metaphoric conversation about my favorite cocktail. My reply was, a Skinny Girl Margarita….

Surgery is a blur… I was inconsolable, a nuance, and not so nice to my husband…to put it mildy as I do not do well under anesthesia, yet, I’m sure I enjoyed the rest. ☺

Word to the wise: Purchase your 3 pair of Spanx!…Your body will THANK YOU later. I modified mine and made a hole in the crotch for easy access for urination

o Pain & AGONY!!!! WHAT THE H-LL have I done to myself? Every nook and cranny hurt. From the bruising, to my chest, my hips, abdomen. I want to go to my temperdic bed and rest! Word to the wise…have your medication bedside upon your return home, and take immediately.
o Boo--ba--pa-looza!!! Large, wobbly and unsettled ☺
o Swollen body inclusive of face and abdomen. Beautiful horizontal incision. My vertical hysterectomy scar…nearly gone. ☺
o Curves…nowhere in sight!
o Pre Surgical weight – 164…Post Surgical weight – 183
o Follow up with Dr. Perez to ensure no infections, proper use of drainage and fluids.
o Bruising and throbbing
o Drainage removal
o Constipation
o Spanx & Body girdle, 24/7

o Follow up with Dr. Perez
o Finally a shower
o Continued bed rest
o Bruising and throbbing
o Breasts large, wobbly and unsettled
o Spanx & Body girdle, 24/7

o Follow up with Dr. Perez
o Modified diet
o Continued bed rest
o Bruising and throbbing
o Breasts large, wobbly and unsettled
o Application of Scar Zone Cream, twice daily
o Spanx & Body girdle, 24/7

o Follow up with Dr. Perez
o Office took before and after photos of liposuction, and breasts with fat grafting
o Continued modified diet
o Breasts nicely nestled
o Throbbing (pins and needles) feeling subsiding
o Application of Scar Zone Cream, twice daily
o Suture removal from implants and liposuction entries
o Resuming 2 hour gym workout 4 times a week

My breast augmentation looks and feels FANTASTIC! There is no wide gap/space, omitting the animated look of two-coconut shell half's adorned to my chest wall. My décolleté is sincerely the envy of many! Dr. Perez's recommendation for fat grafting ensured the noteworthy outcome, sans any rippling.

Curves, curves, curves…as I look terrific and fabulous…yet, must be very conscientious of my fat intake and limit any chance of over eating….as my upper and lower abdomen swell, unfavorably.

Consequently, after 14 weeks long weeks, my mini tummy tuck did not provide the aesthetic outcome I so DESPERATELY desired. Clinically, the procedure, his technique, the bikini line incision site and healing were STELLAR, and the healing process went well. My only outstanding concern, however, is that of my upper and lower abdomens are still protruding. My desire was to be able to see straight down to my pubic region, without having to look over a bulge. Initially, my main objective was to seek a full tummy tuck, yet, Dr. Perez felt that I was an ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck. Honestly, I wish I that I knew what I know now, and would have insisted on a full abdominoplasty. After numerous status post surgery visits with up Dr. Perez, which at times included his partner Dr. Temmens and his patient care coordinator Victoria, I was able to address how my disappointment and unhappiness with my mini tummy tuck. Dr. Perez understood my concerns, and assured me of a Plan B.

Needless to say, I ANXIOUSLY wait the future to fulfill my mission of...a TAUGHT, TIGHT TUMMY nestled in a DEFINELY, EXAGGERATED KILLER C.U.R.V.E.Y. physique!!
I am THANKFUL that I followed my "gut", and procured the professional talent of Jaime Perez, MD. I'm ALWAYS impressed by the physician/patient relationship of which Dr. Perez presents to his clients; this is a trait in which one is not taught in medical school. This philosophy is also instilled in his staff, which will put anyone at ease.

I look forward to "UPDATING" this review in early to mid 2012, after successfully completing...Plan B, and hope to feature photographs provided by the doctors office for review!

In the event I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me, as you begin your Transformation Journey!

The above commentary is depicted from a true, actual and factual experience by patient who procured the professional services of Jaime Perez, MD of the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa Bay. I, the patients was not asked, paid, or propositioned to provide the above details and events of my procedure(s). Any views or opinions presented in this email are solely those of the author. I, the author of this commentary, is not an owner, employee or has any vested interest of the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa or with Jaime Perez, MD or any of his partners or affiliates.

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