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I shopped around for my surgeon a lot - I had initial consultations with 6 other plastic surgeons in my city.

Not all are created equal! In the end I chose the first doctor I saw :) but I'm so glad I paid the extra money to have peace of mind that i truly chose the best surgeon for me...

Mark seemed to have the best grasp of aesthetics of all of the doctors i saw, which was very important to me because the general 'nose job!' nose that you see (jaunty tip angle and little slightly ski-jumped bridge) would look HORRIBLE on me.

That said I did have two surgeons put one on me when they were doing their computer simulations!!! ARRGHHH! I'm pretty comfortably sure that I broke a world land speed record getting my ass out of there both times.


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Cbutter1From: Cbutter1 | 2013-02-07 11:27:58

Hi gorgeous! What doctor did you go to? How much did he/she charge? Thank you!
rix-brazilFrom: rix-brazil | 2009-11-03 17:44:44

Very thorough account. Congratulations dear!


The Kid
Absinthe.gelatinFrom: Absinthe.gelatin | 2008-12-29 21:53:22

Wow! You really go into detail here. Thanks for all the info.
KitsuneFrom: Kitsune | 2008-09-19 05:01:47

Rhinoplasty -
MAIN CORRECTION: Narrowing the bridge of my nose
OTHER/MINOR CORRECTIONS: (Side-on View) Small dorsal hump filed down, Tip angle increased, (Front View)Tip refined

Previously my nose had a very broad / wide bridge ...particularly at the top of the bridge. My nose was quite box-y, I could never even wear glasses/sunglasses properly... they always had to sit either higher on my bridge or further out than they're supposed to. Plus, covering my eyes just drew attention to my biker-ish nose. Not very feminine! Lol.

I was actually fond of my old nose (being thicker it was somewhat 'cute') and my nostrils were always really nice ...but the new nose? Now, that's a piece of art! :) I look in the mirror and see a model's nose, it fits my face perfectly. Best money I ever spent by far!

NB: Before my consultation(s) I wasn't even sure if this was something that could be corrected, because when I'd searched online I'd only ever been able to find before/after pictures of roman-esqe noses or large bulky tips etc being corrected.

Genioplasty (chin reduction) -
MAIN CORRECTION: Shortening the length of my jaw/chin from front on (3-4mm was what I hoped for)
OTHER/MINOR CORRECTIONS: Slightly shortening the length of my chin from side on (2-3mm was what I hoped for, but my main concern was the frontal length)

I was even more excited (no, really!) about the chin reduction than I was about the nose job
...It's effect on my facial proportions was incredibly subtle but it has actually had far more impact than my nose surgery on how "pretty" my face is (people notice that i've had a nose job, but no one notices the work I had done on my chin)

I've always had a really strong jawline (which I love) but the length was just a *little* too masculine. I've always though of myself more 'handsome' than actually 'pretty' ...Now I look at my face and it just seems the perfect blend of strong/feminine :)

My chin reduction was a sliding genioplasty - the surgeon cuts the jaw between the chin / front jaw area with a bone saw then repositions the chin and attaches it back onto the jaw with titanium screws.
To reduce the height (front) and length (side on) of my chin the surgeon cut my jaw twice to remove a small sliver/section of it... then attached the chin higher on my jaw. I think he may have also used a burr to grind down a small portion of the surrounding jaw a little also (will have to check that with him! *grin*)

[ ***usually sliding genioplasty is used for augmentation, to increase the size of the chin... when that's the case they attach the chin lower on the jaw ]

Pain / Recovery -

Immediately after surgery:
Top of my nose ached really painfully, so i was given 10mg of oxycotin (tablets) which did nothing. A little while later i was given a higher dose (capsule this time... i'm assuming 15mg or 20mg) of Oxycotin and it was all lovely. Which incidentally was the last time my nose bothered me at all... not bad!

---No aching or pain! Yay!

---Swelling around my eyes / upper face peaked on day 2-3. I looked like a chipmunk version of Jocelyn Wildenstein that had been in a bar brawl. Scary beyond all comprehension. By day 4 pretty much all the upper facial swelling had gone though.

---Mild post-surgical fever on day two (apparently its common) which made the skin on my face feel hot and tight.

---Two mini black eyes that were actually hot pink/fuschia instead of 'black' - they were completely gone by day 10. Quite a cool color... it was really vivid on my eyelids.

Pain / Recovery -

Man... I am so glad this was worth it, because the healing/swelling/aching involved was 3 times as bad as the nose. That said, it was mostly annoying rather than actually painful.

I was only barely able to chew food for the first 4 days. The night after the operation I did manage to eat a cheese sandwich though - cut into pieces about the same size as a 10 cent coin / quarter. IT TOOK FOREVER and was still a little painful - from then til day 4 I had a liquid diet. Protein shakes, soup, protein shakes, juice, protein shakes.. oh, and protein shakes *shudder* I'm guessing it'll be a while til i can even *think* about touching one again.

After day four I pretty much started eating normally again. Chewing was uncomfortable - my whole mouth ached constantly anyway so, surprise surprise, putting food in there didn't make it any better! Add to that, usually once or twice per meal I'd move my lips in a certain way which caused a HORRIFIC shooting pain in the centre of my bottom lip. Boo. By the second week this started getting less and less painful though.

I had 6-8 dissolving stitches in my mouth beneath my front teeth. Can't friggen WAIT to have them out. I keep playing with them with my tongue which doesn't help the aching :)

Aside from that my chin, jaw and mouth swelled up far more than my upper face... The swelling also took far longer to settle down to reasonable levels. My upper face was really good at day 5/6... the jaw was only just socially presentable by day 10/12. It will probably be about week 3 or 4 til I stop looking like i've got 50 cotton balls in my mouth. Lucky it was a reduction! Because of the swelling from day 10-16 my chin/jaw was essentially the same size as it was before the operation ...Who knows when my chin'll be at the "really good" stage too. Can't wait tho! *grin*

Pain / Recovery -

I had two scripts for 20 x 5mg Oxytocin. I didn't have to use them during the day often (except the day my sister can over and I spent HOURS talking.. started to hurt a bit after that :)

Up until day 10 I had to take 3 per night to sleep because of the persistant gentle ache of my jaw/mouth... after that it was as needed until the prescription was finished. I found that taking 2 tablets at a time was useless and did absolutely nothing for the ache, but three was the magic number.

I iced my eyes and jaw (with peas mostly!) for 20min every hourish for 4-5 days then

switched to heat pads. I'd probably apply the heat pads 8 or so times a day. The ice kept my face from swelling while it was still getting over the initial trauma of surgery, then the heat pads did wonders to remove the swelling that had managed to build up... worked a charm for the purple eyes too :)

I used a beanbag instead of my pillow to keep my head/upper body raised while i slept
for 2-3 weeks

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