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One Month After Facelift
One Month After Facelift


One month after facelift with Dr. Lev in Costa Rica 2012. Same lighting, same camera as before photo.

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Stellar From: Stellar | 2014-09-24 16:56:17

OMG, I thought, why did she need a fl, and then the second pic and I almost fainted! You are just gorgeous, you were still gorgeous at 50 or whatever, now you're more gorgeous at 30-35. You are putting life back into my veins just HOPING for such an outcome! Please send me dr lev email if you have it. THANKS SO MUCH!

JAustin From: JAustin | 2014-03-26 17:05:34

Thanks so much for your photos and information. It helped me when I decided to use Dr. Lev. I have sent my deposit and can't wait!

gay2 From: gay2 | 2012-08-29 11:55:08

You look amazing,although you looked pretty good before.
I actually had a facelift at the Rosenstock clinic in CR ,and quite frankly it was awful...i looked no different at all.

clairelasnier From: clairelasnier | 2012-07-05 17:44:26

wow, when i saw your picture I thought "wow, she doesn't need anything"..then i saw the after. Shocking. Beautiful and inspiring!!!

JustLookin From: JustLookin | 2012-05-17 20:13:24

I should also point out that Dr. Lev is so experience that the scar that he places in front of the ear seems to move back to be at the edge of the tragus(edge of the ear)as the healing progresses and the swelling goes away. I can't even see my scar any more if I hold up a hand mirror and look into another mirror, because the scar has regressed towards the ear as the swelling subsided. Amazing!

JustLookin From: JustLookin | 2012-05-17 20:10:44

Lol. Thanks, Elly24. Yes, he does some really nice earlobes. They look totally normal. He did that for every patient of his that I saw. I could not believe some of the gorgeous women that I saw in his waiting room (natives of Costa Rica, I suppose). I knew I was in good hands, just by seeing his "regulars". I agree about the top U.S. docs. I've seen them put scars in weird places where they will always be seen. Dr. Lev did everything he could to hide scars within the hair, and to make sure they were well away from the hairline. Any scars that were in places that would show (like the lids and in front of the ears) were stitched so well that they are pretty much invisible at this point. I was trying to show my dentist my scars in front of the ears the other day, and he kept saying that he did not see them, even though I was laying in his chair under that bright light. He finally said, "Oh, I see them now. Wow, no one will EVER see those!" Dr. Lev is amazing. I'd recommend him to anyone. Good luck with whoever you choose. If you have to go "alone", you'll still be fine if you stay at CheTica Ranch because they are always full to capacity with patients from all of the doctors in Costa Rica. I would feel perfectly safe going "alone" (without one of Didi's group trips). I'm sure the other recovery houses are the same way (lots of patients there), so you won't be alone unless you want to go to your room or cottage for some alone time.

elly24 From: elly24 | 2012-05-17 14:30:08

I am gonna check out Dr Lev web site and maybe go for holiday to costa rica - anyone else considering same message me

elly24 From: elly24 | 2012-05-17 14:28:12

You were a very attractive women before facelift. But really stunning after. Your surgeons work is v.very good. The tell tale signs are always the ears, but, you retained your ear lobes. I have looked at so called top Beverely Hills surgeons work and many still stitch the ear lobe down (distort)! and they charge mega bucks. Your skin looks really clear and glossy too - you only look about 24 now ok 28 years old. Go girl!!!

JustLookin From: JustLookin | 2012-04-22 23:55:07

Thanks, MB50. I have to say, I was as impressed with Dr. Lev as a person as I was with his surgical skills. He's amazing, and I'm lucky to have met him and to have been one of his patients.

MB50 From: MB50 | 2012-04-22 23:34:57

You look fabulous! Dr. Lev is really great. I have seen his work and it's wonderful!

pegsue50 From: pegsue50 | 2012-04-21 12:39:55

beautiful results!

JustLookin From: JustLookin | 2012-04-21 00:04:15

Thanks. I actually got carded buying beer at the grocery store the other day, lol. I guess I looked surprised when she asked for I.D., because she explained that she had to ask for "anyone under the age of 30". Too funny! I'll be 52 in July.

colleenlawson From: colleenlawson | 2012-04-20 23:27:31

you look like a teenager

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