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JustLookinFrom: JustLookin | 2012-04-28 16:04:50

You look GREAT!! I'm six weeks out, and it's WONDERFUL to get rid of the saggy neck!
ckingstonFrom: ckingston | 2010-02-20 10:52:01

Yes, You look great !!!!!!. I have surgery booked with Dr. Middleton June/2010. I am curious - are you completely healed today? ie. Do you have the same facial sensations as before your surgery? Any regrets now that more time has passed? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Tks
Lalala161From: Lalala161 | 2009-08-24 05:38:14

You look great. Thanks for sharing. I just wanted to tell you that I had my teeth done in Budapest last year, they are great and a third of the cost anywherelse.
Lalala161From: Lalala161 | 2009-08-24 05:35:52

Hi, You look just great. Thanks for sharing. I thought I'd let you know that I had my teeth done in Budapest last year. They are very good and a third of the price elswhere; plus you can make a holiday of the journey off course.
ladyloveFrom: ladylove | 2008-10-22 16:02:10

I went to Dr. Middleton for a consultation on my BA. I did not get a good impression on him and he seemed really dazed out when I talked to him. I also was not satisfied with their staff and he was very late with his appointment with me. But anyways, I think you look great!
mychicagoFrom: mychicago | 2008-07-21 13:01:33

Hi LinMo, I am 4 1/2 weeks post op and feeling a bit uncertain about some of the things I thought would be gone by now. How are you feeling now? Are you back to doing everything you once did? Did you really have 1 side heal faster and better? How long was it before you had all good days instead of 1 good 2 bad, so on... Did you ever have ear discomfort as if you had fluid in your ears or a pulling sensation? Thanks for sharing...you look awesome. My email is thegoodlifepetfood@sbcglobal.net...my name is caryn
ally.dlgFrom: ally.dlg | 2008-06-20 16:27:06

Finally I have found an album showing steady progress of recovery instead of just a before and 3 months later. Thank you for sharing. I am in week 6 of recovery and thought I was the only one with a lobsided face. I still feel that I am recovering very slowly and I have to say the scars around your ears look fantastic - I have a dark purple line into my hair which will hopefully will fade with silicon gel. Anyway, so glad you shared your picture story. from what we can see you look fabulous - go get em!
ally.dlgFrom: ally.dlg | 2008-06-20 16:24:09

LinMOFrom: LinMO | 2008-06-12 08:31:21

Thanks so much guys! I don`t think it`s quite all over yet and settled, but I`m sure glad I went through with it :) It`s sooooooo nice not to have to see those horrible jowls now!
sheryljaneFrom: sheryljane | 2008-05-31 16:49:43

You look absolutely wonderful. I am so happy that the surgery went well for you.
SanyBelleFrom: SanyBelle | 2008-05-19 07:36:40

Wow, you look awesome LinMO! Very beautiful. Your PS does great work!
nancyleesFrom: nancylees | 2008-05-19 05:54:03

You look great. Congratulations. Nancy
jjkamFrom: jjkam | 2008-05-17 10:20:12

I think your results are outstanding! I don't see the asymetry that you refer to in your blog. Thanks for sharing your story....
jjkamFrom: jjkam | 2008-05-17 10:17:22

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Member Details

Username: LinMO
First Name: Marie
Location: Ont, Canada
Gender: F
Age: 65
Height: 5'2"
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Procedure Details

Date of Procedure: 04-22-2008
Results: 3 (Pretty satisfied)
Weight: 130 lbs
Doctor Name: Dr. Middleton My Profile
City of Procedure: Toronto
Sate of Procedure: Ont
Country: Canada

Chin/Jaw Implants, Augmentation:

Face Lift:
Face Lift Type: Lower Face Lift

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