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5 Weeks post op still in a lot of pain and swelling and pressure is very bad. Do these pic look normal??


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girlygirl880From: girlygirl880 | 2010-07-01 00:47:42

OMG! You are gorgeous! You look 10 yrs younger than the pic you posted from 9 yrs ago. I definately think that you look like you could be around 29 yrs old. Do you have any recent pics w/close-ups of your scars? Your eye shape that you have now is sexy & I think your dr did a great job! Are you able to close your eyes now? PLEASE tell me what your dermatalogist had you do to get your skin to look like that! I'm jealous! Thanks
pacitaFrom: pacita | 2009-10-29 15:42:15

I think you look great. Young and refreshed. I also believe you will grow to love those almond eyes.
carolinaj123From: carolinaj123 | 2009-10-03 13:52:10

I think you will grow into your face within 36 months and your eyebrows will be at a fine level. You look very beautiful and trust me - 3-5 years you'll be LOVING those eyes!
beOneFrom: beOne | 2008-07-23 20:05:26


I have my scar on the under eyelid still very visible and deep at 6 months. Did you have this experience. Did it improve now ?


mychicagoFrom: mychicago | 2008-07-21 14:12:39

Hi Cuenca,
I know it's been a while now since your procedures...how do you feel? I think you look very natural and pretty. I do not think your brow looks too high! I do love how your skin looks would you share your secrets with me. I am 5 weeks post op and freaking out a bit as I thought I'd be further along by now...not the way I look but the way I feel. Would love to talk to you about your recovery process. My name is Caryn I'm from Chicago
My email is thegoodlifepetfood@sbcglobal.net Looking fwd to hearing from you, Thanks!
juliadbFrom: juliadb | 2008-07-09 05:48:06

Hi Cuenca, Im considering a MFL and browlift with Dr V, now that time has passed are you happy with the results and would you now recommend him?
meimeiFrom: meimei | 2008-05-29 13:51:56

Hi, I had a lower lift and both upper and lower eyes 14 days ago. I have had many horrorable thoughts since my surgery. I ask that my eyes incisions be as cose as possible to the lash line and one was and one was lower to the undereye circle close to my cheek, which is very hard to cover with sunglasses and I think the scar has turned pink. I was really disapointed at a surgeon that does this everyday. I know how you feel about the disapointment but it will get better. I am getting better every day. Plus you really do look good. Not Tired like before and really alot younger!! Good luck
bermybabeFrom: bermybabe | 2008-05-02 15:37:30

Annie - you are looking great in your latest photos. Love to hear from you when you get a chance, take care - your surgery buddy!
bermybabeFrom: bermybabe | 2008-05-02 15:36:40

Annie - you are looking great in your latest photos.
Take care
bichonfriseFrom: bichonfrise | 2008-05-01 14:19:13

Big difference now from the early pics. Everything is settling nicely and looking good! Have the problems closing your eyes gone away?
guitarFrom: guitar | 2008-04-07 04:37:31

Hi Cuenca....give it time I had my face lift in 04, and it takes awhile, this is only 3 mos. for you and you look great, but still have a ways to go before all the swelling and the final look, your eyebrows looked beautifully arched, and you look wonderful,anxiety is the main problem after plastic surgery, especially a face lift, at least I know I had tremendous anxiety...relax and take care of yourself...Sandi
maria1From: maria1 | 2008-03-09 13:29:19

You actual Facelift is EXCELLENT! You look 15 years younger. Your lids look good too...don't worry about the sacrs they'll go away and you can cover them with makeup. I think what you are unhappy with is the brow lift they are a little too high...maybe they can be corrected. But I would not have anyone redo the FL you got a great result.
maria1From: maria1 | 2008-03-09 13:27:06

Your actual Face Lift is fantastic and even the lids are great. If you really look at the pictures closely...it's the brow lift that I think you are unhappy with...they are a little too high. But, the Face lift is excellent...you look 15 years younger! Congrats! I wouldn't have any surgeon re-do you FL....you should leave that alone...you got a great result!
ariana1224From: ariana1224 | 2008-01-10 23:52:55

Try copper peptides for the scars. You can buy them at http://www.skinbio.com.

I scar very badly but after using the peptides, you can't see them at all--completely invisible.
foreveyangFrom: foreveyang | 2008-01-01 20:58:32

you look much yanger already. ask you doc. about massaging and stretching exess. for face. scars will be invisible under makeup.
good luck to you!
LiveoneFrom: Liveone | 2007-11-25 05:04:05

You still have a lot of swelling in your face and must give it time to diminish. I know this from experience my face was constantly changing for up to a year after surgery; it was so swollen for six months. Remember if you look amazing right away that look fades; it does not last. Your surgery has taken years off your face now let it settle for at least a year I am sure you will be happy with the results. All the very best to you.
faceacheFrom: faceache | 2007-11-19 09:49:18

you actually look a lot younger and prettier than your pre op photos.I really cannot understand your disappointment, were you ready for surgery? = reading your previous comments makes me feel that you were not.
Robbie21From: Robbie21 | 2007-11-13 02:26:25

i think she looks cute!
cuencaFrom: cuenca | 2007-11-07 08:41:54

Hi There

As you can see by my 3 month pics the brows have not dropped and the lids are still too short to close my eyes properly. Also the upper scars are still 2 cm above the crease. Dr V now agrees that they are too high. Am absolutly gutted. Looking for a good surgeon to put things right. Any info gratefully accepted. Anniex
suzybilsonFrom: suzybilson | 2007-10-27 06:51:38

hi there,

I think you look fantastic, much younger, i am a mental health nurse with many years experience and it is quite normal to feel low after having a facelift and to grieve for your old self, i feel this a normal reponse,and can assure you that his feeling will pass, i to am planning to have a facelift with Dr V and have done my research, your pictures were amonst the ones that hqave convinced me that he is the ps to go to.



cambsladyFrom: cambslady | 2007-10-09 06:19:01

cambsladyFrom: cambslady | 2007-10-09 06:18:42

oops at not ate!
cambsladyFrom: cambslady | 2007-10-09 06:18:06

cambsladyFrom: cambslady | 2007-10-09 06:17:44

as an outsider looking at your pics........you look ate least 10 yrs younger to me.
bichonfriseFrom: bichonfrise | 2007-09-17 10:26:32

You need to give this surgery a minimum of three months to settle. You have a lot of swelling right now and you'll find that once your eyebrows drop to their permanent position you'll feel more normal. Your bleph scars will fade and heal quickly. Dr. V's surgery does not leave you with the sad, round eyes that are typical after a bleph. He's probably warned you to expect swelling under the chin for three months as well.

You need to be patient. You can have a look at my results on page 4. I had my surgery on April 4th. I saw a local plastic surgeon today to inject the hypertrophic scars behind my ears and he remarked that I had an excellent result.

Be patient.

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Username: cuenca
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Date of Procedure: 08-10-2007
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Country: Lithuania

Eyelid Surgery, Blepharoplasty:
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