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Me pre-op
Me pre-op


As a model and singer and also founder and chairwoman of a chritable organization (hence I do lots of public speaking and fund raising events) appearance is important. While I am still young by many standards have already under gone many cosmetic procedures as I have always felt why not maintaine rather than try to "correct" so while I was only beginning to shoe some cording in my neck and a slight laxicity in my lower jawline I felt why not get it done before it gets "harder" to correct. I went to a fine surgeon and and expert in cosmetic laser surgery, No blade ever touched my tissue. I have suffered months of various and quite unusual complications. I do NOT blame my surgeon! He has been wonderful but things happen and you have to figure out the best course of action to correct it which can be tricky. I did tons of my own research and my Dr consulted with many Drs as did I from around the world so it is an educational and quite frankly pretty entertaining process if you are facsinated by that sort of thing. I created this video montage to help other people that may be experieincing complications. Our bofies are amazing and we are all different but if zi can ever get it in a format this website will accept I hope to share it with all of you. Hugs to all who undergo this elective surgery which you never know 100% whether all will go well or not! Nothing to be taken lightly. Since I had already undergone so many successful surgeries I guess I got a little over confident and maybe even caused some of my problems by trying to resume my normal activities too soon. There are many causes or reasons and we will peobably never know for sure what caused or what combination caused my highly unusual complications. Initially I also experienced temporary lower lip paralysis, This isn't even mentioned in the video presentation as I have gone throught that in the past with cheek implants and everything retunred to normal after approx 8 weeks so that wasn't too much of a concern it was the other really odd complication that NO doctor could give me an answer to, It lead to a revision surgery and then more complications! It isn't even over over yet as I still have stitches in my neck under my chin from the complications from the revision surgery but I do believe I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel! hope I can get my video uploaded! It is a windows media file and under thier size requirements but I am having issues. I will get it uploaded asap! Hugs to all and good wishes and love, Your surgery buddy, Lynnypoopoo

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JustLookin From: JustLookin | 2012-05-17 20:22:25

Ummm...I think you are GORGEOUS, and that you don't look anywhere near 36. Really pretty. Sorry about your complication, and hope you find a way to resolve it soon (if you have not already done so).

iheartsurgery From: iheartsurgery | 2010-04-25 00:42:31

You are 36? Not to be offensive but you look alot older than your age. You don't need anymore plastic surgery. If anything lay off the tanner and the lip injections. I am just saying this because I am your age and I have only had a nose job yet I still get mistaken for a 20 year old. PLEASE stop!

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