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natalieisgreatFrom: natalieisgreat | 2014-06-23 15:04:40

First of all, no one would say you look awful! I think you must know somewhere in you that this is not true. I think you look BEST in the one picture where you say it's recent pictures worse than before. Honestly? What I noticed you could do (although I think you did since your skin IMPROVED from a few years back) is peels for radiance like TCA. To plump out the skin, I mean. I don't even see how filler would help much as one person suggested -- but I really don't see what you mean. Will look again.
velvetsteelFrom: velvetsteel | 2009-02-15 23:38:58

I think you look beautiful!
maxeeFrom: maxee | 2008-01-19 10:21:47

Hi, Martine. You are a beautiful woman and yes, I do see why you are concerned. Suggest you explore someone talented with volume. Fat, sculptra, etc. You still have the bone structure you just probably just have to have some volume replaced. Temples, chin, cheeks. Best of luck. I know you can achieve a succesful result.
Skye5From: Skye5 | 2008-01-18 13:52:49

Martine, In the before photo where you are smiling and with the man, you were younger and had more fullness to your face. The natural process of aging, unfortunately, makes us lose that volume and fullness. Some of us lose that volume at 40, and others not until our late 50's, but even a couple years can bring changes, from a fuller face to a thinner one. The lift inself looks fine to me, also. Jawline looks smooth, no jowling. I think putting on 10 pounds or so would fill your face nicely.
Suzyq27From: Suzyq27 | 2007-11-17 18:42:56

I can see what you mean.
You do look a little 'pulled'.

However, as one who has had 2 surgeries, neither of which lasted more than twelve months, I would prefer now a more 'radical' surgery than a very conservative one, that doesnt last.
They generally do 'drop' - so you might be 'tight' for a year or so.

Also, you look 'good' - You look very attractive!
Suzyq27From: Suzyq27 | 2007-11-17 18:39:14

rougeFrom: rouge | 2007-11-17 01:42:47

Hi Martine,
Sorry to hear your distress. Looking at the pictures, it's difficult to see what it is that has you so upset as the pictures are rather dark. I would be inclined to think that there is little if any change and you don't look worse than before. Can you post close ups of before and after so we can comment? Cheers. Rouge

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Username: martine009
First Name: martine
Location: *, Belgium
Gender: M
Age: 45
Height: 5'10"
Ethnicity: Caucasian

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Date of Procedure: 11-12-2007
Results: 2 (Disappointed/unhappy)
Weight: 80 lbs
Doctor Name: Dr. vansteenland My Profile
City of Procedure: antwerp
Sate of Procedure: *
Country: Belgium

Face Lift:
Face Lift Type: SMAS Lift (SMAS Plication)

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