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cherays browlift


Pictures coming soon.

Album Description


I'm a Beauty Enhancement Awards Contestant!


This album is an official submission to the Beauty Enhancement Awards. (Read more about it.)


I'm competing in the following categories:
Best Female Face Lift


My Personal Statement:
I chose to have a browlift as I felt it would enhance my face. Well naturally. I didnt do it to make myself hideous. But that was a chance I took I guess. I was so apprehensive about getting this procedure done that I actually ran from the hospital just hours before my scheduled surgery. I saw sense and rebooked for a later date when I was more determined that I see it through. The pain was minimal at first, but the headache from having screws drilled into my head and my skin peeled up and back and nailed down....well maybe they didnt actually use nails...........at least I hope not. The screws were bad enough. With a brow lift you get an instant example of what you are going to look like. But it is only an example. It is not the true outcome. I felt that my face dropped considerably after the stitches etc., were taken out, but it was probably my imagination. However the result today at 3 months or so post op is that my right eye is a little droopy, and I can have it adjusted, but again I am daunted by the prospect of being tampered with. Overall it is wonderful how different I look, and I am extremely satisfied with myself as I have never thought of myself as anything outstanding. I think I am now, but unfortunately no one else does, so what can I say?
If anyone is considering a browlift, it is not as simple and straight forward as it may seem,(only straight forehead,.....god Im a comedian....ha ha ha ha) oh yeh, anyway, it can be truly uncomfortable for a few weeks, not so as you wanted to shoot your own head off, well, the thought might cross your mind, but once the tension eases and the result is a smooth and somewhat higher forehead than before it is well worth it.



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    I'm a Beauty Enhancement Awards Contestant!


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    Member Details

    Username: cheray3
    First Name: lorae
    Location: *, Australia
    Gender: F
    Age: 60
    Height: 5'5"
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Procedure Details

    Date of Procedure: 01-12-2007
    Results: 5 (Thrilled)
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Doctor Name: Dr. hertess My Profile
    City of Procedure: cairns
    Sate of Procedure: *
    Country: Australia

    Forehead Lift, Brow Lift:
    Brow/Forehead Lift Type: Endoscopic

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