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Mag 5 Dr Ceydeli



Album Description

I first have to say I cannot remember the exact date of my surgery, so here it goes..I decided to have a Mag 5 preformed by Dr Adil Ceydeli in Panama City, FL. It consisted of a mid and upper face rejuvenation along with a valentine mouth and I believe it is called a
canthopexy, which means the eyes are pulled tighter in the corners to give the eyes a more youthful look. My surgery on my eyes did not go that well. My one eye did not close properly, so Dr Ceydeli wanted me to have another surgery so that he could fix the problem. My surgery on my eye consisted of taking cartilage out of my ear and putting it into my lower eyelid. After surgery and when he took the stitches out, I was more than upset because you could see this long thick mass in my lower eyelid. I asked him why this looked so bad and his response was to massage it and it will flatten out. Well after doing it all these years, it still does not look like the other eye. People comment on my eye wanting to know what happened He also stated that my 3yr prior surgeon took out to much skin from my eyelid causing my eye not to shut? I never had a problem with my eye shutting correctly before the surgery,so why now after the surgery. I believe Dr Ceydeli pulled the eye to tight in the corners causing the two lids not to close properly. My other eye was fine? After the surgery I had no blink in my eye and had to wear tape to keep it shut and not only that after about 1yr and getting some of my eye blink back it seems that something was connected to my upper corner lip? Everytime I blink the corner of my lip moves up. What a fiasco. I still continue to have problems with the blinking of the eye, it staying open and horrible dryness, many years after. Dr Ceydeli offered to fix it again, but I would have to come back to Florida and pay for the anesthesiologist?? For one, I did not have any extra money after paying Dr Ceydeli, but also why should I have to pay anything? Why am I posting so many years later? Because my eye has gotten much worse and to warn others of things that could possibly happen as a result of your eyes being stretched back in the corners to tightly.


Ruined my lower eyelid
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Member Details

Username: simplyme5381
First Name: ann
Location: NJ, United States
Gender: F
Age: 66
Height: 5'1"
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Procedure Details

Date of Procedure: 09-15-2010
Results: 1 (Regret doing it)
Weight: 140 lbs
Doctor Name: Dr. Adil Ceydeli My Profile
City of Procedure: Panama City
Sate of Procedure: FL
Country: United States

Forehead Lift, Brow Lift:
Brow/Forehead Lift Type: Full Coronal

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