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Making the decision to have my tummy tuck and breast augmentation was a hard decision and as a model and bellydancer I highly depend on my looks for work and I could not chance anything going wrong. I knew it was something I not only wanted but I had to do because I lost 130 natrually and needed to have the final touches taken care of. The reason I chose to have my surgery in the Domincan Republic with Dr. Camillo was because she out of every Doctor who I spoke with made me feel the most comfortable. Dr Katherin was very compassionate, patient, kind and answered every one of my questions openly and honestly. If there was something she could not answer until she saw me. She said so. I sent her pictures however they only reveal so much. The four other Doctos I had seen with were located in NYC, Los Angeles, and here in New Jersey where I live and came highly recommended. I felt there was something about them that made me feel very uncomfortable and that's putting it lightly. They essentially made me feel as if I was doing them a favor. (except my sisters doctor, however he was even more expensive and just as far away). Basically, I was very nervous because it seemed to good to be true, but once I spoke to Dr Feliz and realized she was a real person who really wanted to help me the decison was extremely easy and I gave my deposit.

After making the decision to go to the Dominican Republic which was very easy after talking to global medical service http://www.globalsurgerycenter.com , Leo my representative, held my hand every step of the way. And even though I had a mountain of questions, he always gave me the information I needed in a timely manner. When I arrived, someone was there to greet me, we we got to the hotel (I arrived a day early to be a tourist) someone was there to greet me. I love Dhanya the patient coordinator, she literally made sure I was comfortable in my stay and had a daily itinerary for the duration of my stay. Doctors and nurses were very hospitable and welcoming (did I mention the hospital was gorgeous). I was safe, secure, and made some friends while I was there. The operation went very smoothly and I came out of the OR ahead of schedule. The first couple of days were really tough but nurses came in regularily to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. (I love pain killers). I had my mom come along with me too.
When they brought me to the resort for recouperation, everything was taken care of to a T! I also met several other recouperating patients who were delighted to have company. The food was excellent, and I even got to do a little shopping at the local souvineer shop. Bring home rum and coffee! I would recommend Global Medical Service to anyone who feels they need plastic surgery. It was the best experience I have ever had and I plan to return for a butt. ;)

Please email me at nadirahdances@hotmail.com if you would like to ask me any questions. I will also be more than happy to talk to you on the phone or meet you in person if you are local.

Marisa R.

Please feel free to email me


Comments (13)
honestviewerFrom: honestviewer | 2011-05-15 14:56:46

lavalampFrom: lavalamp | 2010-10-01 17:07:46

i agree with you elegantbc.
elegantbcFrom: elegantbc | 2009-12-05 06:58:05

elegantbcFrom: elegantbc | 2009-12-04 19:42:34

I'm sorry but I think this post is an advertisment for Global Surgery Center. There is a duplicate post with the same professional looking picture but a different name and different stats. I know that there are some great PS's out there but I doubt that they can literally take years off of your age and shorten you by 4". The other post is listed under Marisaro. And I think that "ugotlolita" is her partner in crime. Please correct me if im wrong.
hopeandjoyFrom: hopeandjoy | 2009-11-09 07:19:26

43? You look 23! Fabulous.
angie000From: angie000 | 2009-09-19 02:56:50

you look amazing
seadragonFrom: seadragon | 2009-07-04 10:03:29

You look great...I am sure you do not need any more work.
dallaspFrom: dallasp | 2009-06-01 19:55:41

So you became a model after being so fat?
1TiggerFrom: 1Tigger | 2009-04-14 18:36:52

Where are your before pics????
ugotlolitaFrom: ugotlolita | 2009-02-20 09:13:36

I went to DR also and used her, She is a true artist. My TT is pencil thin. I love HER. Dhanya was great and the driver Wilson was wonderful.

ugotlolitaFrom: ugotlolita | 2009-02-20 09:12:17

jomalys2002From: jomalys2002 | 2009-02-16 08:14:43

I am planning to do in june my TT but I would like to know about the scar... is there a before and after pic i am over 30 pounds i am working to loss them ...pls reply inf..you look to good to be true...
tmgrFrom: tmgr | 2009-02-12 11:03:21

Sorry should have read your script... you have no visible scar around the TT, and the breasts look fabulous.

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Member Details

Username: lisajill
First Name: Lisa
Location: NJ, United States
Gender: F
Age: 51
Height: 5'8"
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Procedure Details

Date of Procedure: 10-30-2008
Results: 5 (Thrilled)
Weight: 170 lbs
Doctor Name: Dr. Katherine Camilo My Profile
City of Procedure: santo domingo
Sate of Procedure: *
Country: Dominican Republic

Breast Augmentation:
Pre-Surgery Breast Size: 28C
Post-Surgery Breast Size: 28D
Volume (cc): 161-180
Implant Type: Silicone Gel
Implant Shape: Round High Profile
Implant Surface: Smooth
Implant Brand: Natrelle (McGhan/Inamed)
Incision Type: Inframammary (Breast Fold/Crease)
Implant Placement: Over The Muscle

Breast Lift, Mastopexy:

Bariatric, Gastric Bypass, Weight Loss Surgery:

Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty:
Pre-Op Dress Size: 14
Post-Op Dress Size: 10
Tummy Tuck Type: Full Tummy Tuck

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