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Day 7 - No makeup
Day 7 - No makeup


[EDIT 1-28-06]I assure anyone who views this, that my camera phone and bathroom lighting make my skin look better than it really is. Like there is a filter on it or something. I only posted this to show the difference in the swelling. Although I don't like to look at them, I just posted more realistic and grittier type - scar and texture - photo albums on my main photo album at http://www.picturetrail.com/annniefrommiamii [END OF EDIT]
It's been a long day and the lighting in this photo makes me look red, but I'm not, just pink. Like I was in the backyard and got sun for a few hours. As for the swelling, you can see the difference now that my naso-labial(nose to mouth folds) are reappearing. I had C02 Laser Resurfacing about 8 years ago and my face is probably extra-sensitive. Some people don't swell that much and can go out right after. ahhHAHAHA but I'm not one of those lucky people! a little flaky this week but staying oiled up with Squalane and Emu Oil took care of that. I'm going to wait another week until I mention if there were any results. A swollen face looks flawless - some of the flaws are returning very slowly but not all have. Rather than mislead myself or anyone else, I'm gonna hold off on the results portion. However I will say, whoever invented makeup deserves a Nobel Prize. :)

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