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12 months in evening gown
12 months in evening gown


To those who ask where I've been:

I have avoided this site ever since it turned into a lingerie fashion show. It is still too painful for me to see all the great bodies with flat stomachs and hourglass figures, which I will never have. Even after $20,000 of surgery, my waist is STILL just 2-3 inches smaller than my hips. I STILL have to buy my clothes a size larger to accommodate my bulging belly, and I STILL go straight up and down on the sides - I have no sexy curves like the other ladies.

I also still have the huge, bulging kendoll that humiliates me and prevents me from wearing a lot of clothing styles.

I miss all the wonderful camaraderie of this site, but the fact is the women who had their surgery when I did have spectacular bodies now, and since ladies now use their signatures to display them in sexy lingerie, every post on the site is a cruel reminder to me: YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE THIS, AND YOU NEVER WILL.

If I don't have to see how fantastic all the other ladies look, I can be proud of my own body and feel attractive and sexy. If I have to see all those other bodies - I feel like a loser and a failure and ugly.

So that's why I don't visit any more.

Comments (3)

mama_c From: mama_c | 2011-02-21 21:53:40

I just went through your album and you look amazing! Keep up the great work. You do look fantastic.

momofgirls From: momofgirls | 2008-12-28 13:58:22

Happy Holidays to you, Lina! That dress looks great on you ;)


myturn07 From: myturn07 | 2008-12-28 08:57:50

Happy Holidays Lina, you are missed around here!
So anything new with "the neighbor"? ; )

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