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Photos of my Breast Infection/Fat Necrosis. I had Fat transfer to the breast on 19 May 2010. I was diagnosed 3 June with Fat Necrosis from a Ultrasound and Mammogram. On 15 June, I was diagnosed with a severe Breast Abscess Skin Infection.

On June 15, I decided to go to the ER:

The redness was increasing, and I was just not having a good time. Well last night it was very swollen, hard, and something new- and little peak on the top of my breast with what looked to be a blood blister on top of that mini peak. Wish I had taken a picture, but I did not end of taking a picture until after what I did next.

Do NOT do what I did next if you find you have swelling and peaking of fluid. I took a pin (sterilized) and I lanced the head of the mini peak. NOT a good idea. While not an eruption, it was definitely a very fast effusive flow of a very thick yellowish red mixture. It was also very foul smelling, and I knew I had an infection on my hands. I called the PS and he told me to go to the ER immediately. I went to the ER and they got me in quick! Wow, I did not know infections were treated so quickly, but it turns out mine was almost to the point of Fever and chills. I had a very large skin infection, with an abscess. The ER doctor gave me a couple of numbing shots (OMG the pain!) and then cut a 1/2 laceration in the same area and proceeded to drain the wound. I had to look away as the sight and smell very nauseating. The doctor said they drained a 1/4 to a 1/3 of a cup of infection. He then stuffed some dressing into my wound and told me to follow up with my PS today.

I cannot tell you the amazing difference. Yes I still ache and hurt, but the pain is more tolerable and my breast almost looks like the other now. It is much softer, but it still has the lump, but now I know that not my entire breast has fat necrosis, but was also infected. I asked the doctor how they could have missed that on an ultrasound AND a mammogram? He stated it could have been in the beginning stages. I also asked him how I could get such an infection while taking antibiotics (I was taking Cephalexin)? HE stated that sometimes certain infections are resistant to drugs and prescribed me another antibiotic (Bactrim).

I honestly don't know what caused/aggravated it other than High-impact exercising. That is what started the necrosis and swelling on 3rd of June, and I tried to run on the 10th and that is when the swelling and red bruise really exploded. I have been drinking lots of water, taking my antibiotics, and eating healthy. they took a sample and said the results would be back in two days, but they think it is Breast cellulitis (which anyone who has surgery in the breast has a risk for).


Fat Necrosis Breast Cellulitis Skin Infection Fat Injection
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Lizbeth31From: Lizbeth31 | 2013-08-27 01:52:38

I had fat transfer breast augmentation done on August 2, 2013. A week after my procedure I left on vacation and I felt fine. Exactly two weeks after I was in pain my left breast was huge, tender, swollen, and very warm. I thought nothing of it and my doctor said it was normal and that each breast healed differently. Symptoms worsened and the next day I woke up soaked and I had a yellowish pinkish drainage coming out from the small incision on my left breast that had supposidly already closed. I freaked out and ran to the ER were I was told I had an abcess and was infected. I had a larger incusion done were my fat teansfer was inserted, had surgery in order to drain the pus. It was so painful! I was in the hospital for 6days. I was given so many antibiotics both by IV and oral. I'm now at home having to change the dressing twice daily. All this has been a total nightmare! When will I stop leaking pus? When will my incision close? I'm afraid my breasts will be deformed and different in size but I'm TERRIFIED of having another procedure done for correction. Please tell me about your healing. Thanks. My name is Liz from El Paso, Tx. My email address is lizbethporras27@yahoo.com
ValsydneyFrom: Valsydney | 2013-05-14 22:09:35

I am considering getting fat grafting to the breast. I know there are risks involved with every surgery but overall do you recommend the procedure? How many cups sizes did you increase and how many CC's did you get into your breast? Thanks in advance.

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