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1 yr post-op left profile
1 yr post-op left profile


I had a primary rhinoplasty about 17 years ago. I only consulted with one doctor and figured I would get the same result no matter who I picked. I was young and naïve. Immediately after the nose cast came off, even with the swelling, I knew the result was subpar. This rhinoplasty was not absolutely terrible looking, but it was far from as good as it should have been. I had a low bridge with a turned-up tip, the tip looked too big and out of proportion compared to the bridge, a hanging columella, and bumps and a dent on the tip.
I researched and researched for many years and consulted with 15+ doctors around the U.S, which included most of the big-name-famous-revisionists. I was very reluctant to go forward with another rhino to improve my "done" looking nose, as I knew if I didn't pick a great doctor I could risk having an even worse result. I talked to many people on the internet about their revisions, saw many pictures, and met many people in person during my research process for an improved revision. At this point, no doctor felt right. Out of all these doctors, I highly considered 2 of the big name doctors and saw them for consults several times. But then I met or saw pictures of one or more of their patients who had a revision similar to mine and I did not think the results were that good. As we all know the pictures you see in doctor's offices are always good, but it may be a different story when you meet a person who is not recommended by their office. This shows the doctor's true ability.
Finally I found Dr. Thomas Le! He was recommend on a plastic surgery message board. I was so happy after the first consult just because he showed me so many pictures of his patients with similar issues as mine, far more then any other doctor I had seen, and the results he showed looked fantastic! But of course, I was not going to be convinced this was my guy until I had found people on the internet who were willing to show me pictures of their results and make sure they were happy and their results looked GREAT, as (like I said before) I believe this is the only way to see the true quality of a doctor's work (from people who's pictures are not shown in the doctor's office or recommended by that office).
Over time, I found and received pictures from a number of people on plastic surgery message boards who had a revison by Dr. Le and they all looked very good. I did not see one result that I thought looked bad. Dr. Le's office also referred me to 2 of his patients, similar to my situation, who also had great results. In addition to this, I took me 3 consults to decide I was comfortable with him doing my revision and trust his ability.
I am now over a year postop and am thrilled to say my results are far better than I though I could ever have!!! I truly believe that no other doctor could have given me results this good (and I have seen many doctors)! For my revision I had spreader grafts and many grafts in my tip all using septum cartilage. I also asked for my tip to be deprojected and he did this beautifully, without causing my nostrils to flair ( I do have smaller nostrils naturally though). My highest request was to have a "natural" looking nose, as the first rhino gave me a "nose job" look. My nose now looks completely natural and no one could even guess I had 2 rhinoplasties.
My breathing is also much better. I did not ask for my breathing to be improved, but Dr. Le checked it anyway and said maybe he could improve it. Before, when I would lay down and when I worked out I would have to breath out of my mouth. I have always been like this so it was not due to my first rhino. Now I sleep with my mouth closed and breath better during my workouts. I would say it is improved 40%. I never knew how much I would enjoy breathing better through my nose!
Here is the part that makes Dr. Le an even better doctor than described above. I still have a small concern with one of my nostrils being SLIGHTLY arched more than the other side. Dr. Le is completely open to doing a minor in-office procedure so I am 100% happy with my nose. I believe many other doctors would say "I did my best" and send you on your way.
Lastly, he keeps his surgery fees reasonable. Many other top names are charging more. I believe he could charge more if he wanted to considering how incredibly good he is.
In my opinion, Dr. Le is has a huge heart and is more talented in revision rhinoplasty than any doctor out there!

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