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Ok so 9 years after my 2nd Rhino revision I am getting my 3rd and hopefully last revision. My first Rhino was at 14 years old. My nose came out great but I was so greedy and picky I wasn't happy. I use to have a huge hump nose.. Wish I had before pictures but I destroyed them as I wanted no memories of my natural ugly big nose. 1st Rhino didn't come out small the way I wanted the hump was gone but it was still big. 2nd Rhino was with a different PS 1-2 years later.. I still wasn't happy so then the 3rd my 2nd PS did revision free of cost and broke my bones.. My nose came out perfect.. small! Just how I always wanted.. however slowly but surey it started to twist.. and now its crooked. I just want to fix that... I have an appt to see a PS next month.. Lets see how that goes. If anyone knows of a good revision PS for Rhino please PM me. Any comments or thoughts? Please share.. I hate taking pictures from the front for that very reason I always take them from the side.. its more noticeable in pictures.. at least to me.


Nose, Crooked, Rhinoplasty, Need a Revision
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sunflower_girlFrom: sunflower_girl | 2012-06-21 20:08:49

any good doctor will keep it real and tell you sometimes a crooked nose is almost impossible to correct! I hope you do your research and look for someone who has a good record and photos of crooked noses that she/he fixed! when you do that, hopefully it will be your last surgery :)
theboyzmomFrom: theboyzmom | 2011-06-18 09:01:19

sweetJC-- I am in the same situation... contemplating a minor revision of a revision to fix slightly crooked nostrils and narrow a bit. Did you go through with it? If so, with who?
SweetJCFrom: SweetJC | 2010-10-20 20:39:01

When I put regret under procedure details.. I mean I regret doing a revision all together. I don't regret the RhinoPlasty all together just wish I wasn't so picky and greedy with wanting such a small nose.

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Username: SweetJC
First Name: Jenny
Location: FL, United States
Gender: F
Age: 36
Height: 5'1"
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Procedure Details

Date of Procedure: 07-01-2001
Results: 1 (Regret doing it)
Weight: 110 lbs
Doctor Name: Dr. n/a My Profile
City of Procedure: Miami
Sate of Procedure: FL
Country: United States

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