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Feb 2009 still a pig snout
Feb 2009 still a pig snout


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milly0101 From: milly0101 | 2012-02-08 18:34:48

I totally agree you have a upturned, Consult with a re-construction surgeon, I have my nose done in Mexico and they ruined my face :-(,, Trust me I totally understand how you feel. I live with my pig nose for 10 years, Until I collected the money for my surgery (every penny worth it)...
Pictures were my nightmare, family gatherings.
I also heard of restyline injections in nose tip to lower it.. you should try that..

MelanieJean From: MelanieJean | 2009-05-01 10:23:31

I know how it feels to not like what you see in the mirror after you went through a surgery to make yourself happy... but BELIEVE ME when I say you are BEAUTIFUL! You have the nose I WANTED and PAID FOR! It’s not a pig snout like you described it on another photo... you look ravishing and elegant! A Lot like Victoria Beckam (Posh Spice)! It will take some getting used to but I think you look amazing before and after! I wish my nose was more upturned instead of the gonzo konk I have on my face! And hell, if we have to describe our noses by Muppet characters, I’d rather be Miss Piggy then Gonzo any day! At least she was still sorta a sex symbol of the Muppets… and Gonzo was just a freak…. I’m a freak and you’re a sex symbol! Smile! You’re Beautiful! -=MEL=-

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