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Photo of Rhinoplasty Surgery Performed by San Diego Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Amir Karam
Photo of Rhinoplasty Surgery Performed by San Diego Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Amir Karam


Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery
Toriumi and others looked at the effect of external San Diego Rhinoplasty on the vascular anatomy of the nose. The study involved pre- and postoperative clinical evaluation, cadaver dissection, lymphoscintigraphy, and histologic evaluation. The authors report that the major arterial, venous, and lymphatic vessels course in or above the musculoaponeurotic layer of the nose. They suggest that “in the external rhinoplasty approach, dissection in the areolar tissue plane below the musculoaponeurotic layer will minimize tip edema and protect against skin necrosis by preserving the major vascular supply to the nasal tip. . . . There was loss of normal flow of tracer with the external approach using dissection that disrupted the musculoaponeurotic layer with supratip debulking.?

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