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my nose rotted and i had it debried and dr jack p gunter did my rhinoplasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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rouge From: rouge | 2007-11-18 10:58:21

I'm sorry for being so hasty in my comments and making assumptions as to the cause of your complaint. I have just consulted your surgeon's very impressive website (I'm being sarcastic here) and frankly, anyone who was looking for a surgeon would have been taken in by it and expected nothing short of an excellent result. I believe (like you probably did) that you were choosing the best? I guess qualifications, board certification etc. etc. really don't offer any guarantees after all! and I'm not talking about simply being unhappy with the shape of one's nose post surgery! You are handling this very well as I am sure you must be absolutely gutted by the whole experience. I really do hope there is a quick and satisfactory resolution and that you are not going to be out of pocket at the end of it all.

rouge From: rouge | 2007-11-18 10:14:58

Is this doctor a qualified, licenced plastic surgeon with and member of a the board of plastic surgeons? I would be gob-smacked if he was! This should not have happened if proper medical procedure was followed. Having said that, the patient is equally responsible for ensuring that they do absolutely everything to the letter, i.e. strict personal and environment hygiene (beyond the norm) has to be observed especially during the healing process. As things stand now, it looks like you might need the help of a qualified reconstructive surgeon who specializes in noses. I'm not an expert. Whatever you do, I sincerely hope you will find someone to help you reverse this rather distressing state of affairs. Don't despair. I'm sure something can be done but it must be done soon and before the infection gets any worse. All the best.

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