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evolpaigeFrom: evolpaige | 2011-02-16 16:50:30

I think you should wait. I thought my nose was huge until I grew into my adult "size" aka my face widened a bit. Now I get compliments all of the time about my "elegant" nose, and the man I love also has a larger nose, with a bump. I constantly notice and compliment unique noses [I'm a photographer, I have no problem commenting on this stuff.] Just give yourself a few more years to see where you end up, you don't want to get rid of something you might really miss.

Also, your nose-to-cheek-to-brow ridge ratio is spectacular, and will probably only get better with time, so I really encourage you to take your time.
nowaybackFrom: nowayback | 2010-03-27 21:42:16

please take in consideration your frontal view will also change. keep that in mind.
nowaybackFrom: nowayback | 2010-03-27 21:41:54

sorry that's another user.
nowaybackFrom: nowayback | 2010-03-27 21:41:32

can you upload pictures about the result?
jenjenlynnFrom: jenjenlynn | 2010-02-24 02:49:10

I think yes, i had a dorsal hump like you and jsut had surgery yesturday. I am so excited to see the results!
girl1From: girl1 | 2009-12-08 20:17:31

Your new nose looks great!! lucky you.. im not happy about my nose job wish it turned out like yours.
helectraFrom: helectra | 2009-12-02 03:54:39

Yes from me ..You are beautiful the way you are but it diserves the trouble and will certainly make you feel better....However, do not be hasty in your choice of PS. Make sure you see photos of other nose jobs of his before deciding. It is imperative. My best wishes
BluetaFrom: Blueta | 2009-11-20 12:38:01

yes :) and best luck
samantha6566From: samantha6566 | 2009-10-24 21:55:20

looks like a good idea to me...just be sure your doc has done 1,000's of them before he touches your nose!
dickiedickFrom: dickiedick | 2009-06-23 12:48:14

Looking great!
chefduckFrom: chefduck | 2009-06-22 10:42:49

I know you are very young but when it comes to noses, I think even if you are in your teens you should go for it. I grew up with an ugly nose and was teased and made fun of in school. When I was in my 20's I had it fixed and even though it's not perfect, it made the biggest difference in the way I felt about myself. Do it. You will love the new you.

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Username: Alice2384
First Name: Alice
Location: IL, United States
Gender: F
Age: 26
Height: 5'4"
Ethnicity: Caucasian

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Date of Procedure: 12-28-2010
Results: 5 (Thrilled)
Weight: 115 lbs
Doctor Name: Dr. Tabbal My Profile
City of Procedure: Chicago
Sate of Procedure: IL
Country: United States

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