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Before/After Collage
Before/After Collage


Befores Are on the Top...Surgery (Circumferential TT May 14, 2009) Afters are on bottom. I know I should be grateful to see the tremendous difference, but I hope this is not "the end result." I still would not appear in a bathing suit looking like this. I seem really thick across my whole midriff. Are my expections too high? Do I just have a distorted body image? I feel like these Afters look like other women's Befores! But again, I'm not ungrateful and I'm not blind...that horrible flab is gone (I hope?) it's just that I was hoping for a "slender" look in addition. Anyhow, right after these were snapped, I went back to being a Barrel Body again...so I guess I should just be happy for anything at all!!

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momofmiracles From: momofmiracles | 2009-06-20 18:42:30

I think you look wonderful!!!!! I also had twins and they can really do a number on your body!!!! I really honestly do think you look great. I have some swelling in upper abs too and my surgery was on May 27th. Sometimes since then I look at myself and say I look huge but then I look at my before pics to remind me that it is so much better then before and will only get better as time goes by!!!

Twilight1 From: Twilight1 | 2009-06-08 20:21:44

I understand....You look sooo good and will improve so much more you should be really excited! It will only get better and better. Patience is key and very short after going through this I know.

Jvillegirl From: Jvillegirl | 2009-06-06 04:49:40

No doubt an emotional ride! All I know is that this is a test of patience each day...andyour result is fantastic!

csectionqueen From: csectionqueen | 2009-06-05 12:05:31

My comment is above (under description) Honest feedback welcome please. My husband and mother think I'm just plain off my rocker for not being absolutely thrilled and they think this is more than I could've hoped for. And that now this is it, I am finished. I was just hoping for a more "lithe" look and my waistline back...which used to be actually smaller than this, even the day before surgery, (I measured with a belt and cannot hook the belt on the same notch, not nearly) Anyhow, I am very ever happy to see that since the recovery room, the whale blubber I experienced has apparently not been "the real me" and that the surgeon did not make some horrible mistake. Is it normal to feel all these conflicting emotions? Please read above description before answering. Thank you all you wonderful TT women!!


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