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flygirl13 From: flygirl13 | 2010-08-24 11:32:36

Hi Carolynn,My pre surgery measurements were
30 inches around my ribcage,33 inches right at bellybutton level,36 inches two inches under my belly-button(yes thats where the problem is!)and 38 at my hips!So hopefully now when I heal that 33 waist and 36 belly will be smaller and I will be more perfect hour-glass! I sent you an e-mail message more detailed.

carolynn420 From: carolynn420 | 2010-08-22 14:44:26

Hi! Are you having a tummy tuck or lipo suction? My tummy is similar to yours and my doctor says I need a tummy tuck. Although I do have an apendix scar that is a bikini scar two inches above hysterectomy scar that has a little roll over it and he said he could pull down my stomach and make my apendix scar disappear. I am concerned that by doing that, I am still not going to have a waist. My measurements are 34" just below my breasts and 32" above my belly button, 29" around my belly button and 33" in my gut area and 34" for my hips. I would really like to have a waist or a small shapely figure, but after three interviews with different doctors, they all say the same thing. Please let me know what your doctors have told you. I will try to post pictures later when I get back from the store. Good luck with your surgery. Keep me posted if you can. You have my support if you need it. Bye for now. :)

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