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Hi! I was wondering if you all could help me out. I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck in September and I am wondering if that alone will help with my unshapely mid-section. I have an appendix scar and a hysterectomy scar. The doctor is going to pull down my tummy and cut out my appendix scar and use my hysterectomy scar for my tummy tuck scar. My question is: Shouldn't I also get lipo on my flanks (love handle area) and maybe around my front tummy area? I want it done right when I have it done and I don't want to spend all this money without having it done right the first time. I don't want to have to go back in later because my waist is still 'thick'. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? I would really appreciate all the advice I can get. My surgery date is about 10 days away. Thanks guys :))


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dvlnblueFrom: dvlnblue | 2010-08-27 16:17:39

Well, I just got a tummy tuck... Aug 9th.. I did get lipo on my inner thighs, tummy, waist and back... I did because it would help my figure... I didn't have much of a waist so my Dr. said it would be needed to have better results... I also, by the way got fat transfer to my buttocks... I am VERY pleased with my results.. I think that the best thing to do (which is what I did) is to go to at least another if not 2 other Dr. and get opinions... I know you already have your surgery scheduled, but only you know that and it is a great idea to see someone else @ least for peace of mind and reassurance... I had already chosen my Dr., but thought it wouldn't hurt to see and get other opinions of what I wanted to get done and the results I was looking for. Now a days a lot of these surgeons give free consultations.. So it doesn't cost you anything to be sure that you are choosing the right procedure for you... It put me at ease to know what Dr's thought and advised me what procedures would give me what i was looking for... I hope this advise helps you. From your pictures I understand why you are seeking a tummy tuck, but I also see why you would think of having lipo on your waist... My Dr. tighten my muscles in my tummy which made my waist smaller and after removing the excess fat/sking and doing the tummy tuck, well I was left with a waist I never dreamed of having and a flat belly I never had even as a teenager... So, make sure you ask a lot of questions.. I wrote down everything I could think of before seeing the different Dr's. The easiest way to come up with questions is drawing a picture of what you want to look like and going from there.. How can you Dr. achieve this result... what will you be doing and what's best for me? Good luck! I hope you love your results and everything works out for you.. :)
rose7714From: rose7714 | 2010-08-25 08:00:05

Honestly, I wouldnt get lipo..I am not a doctor though so this is my opinion and in no way a medical opinion. You are very skinny and I dont think you will need it! I am heavier than you and DID NOT get lipo and there are no "dog ears" as they call them, I got my scar really really low and it goes to my hip bones. I would suggest just eating healthy and DRINK A LOT OF WATER to get rid of any water weight. Honestly, when I looked at your pics I was thinking "why is she getting surgery?" I can see some loose skin, so I understand why you are but, your body is very nice before surgery. Don't get the lipo (in my womanly opinion..lol. not medical) I really don't think you'll need to and its dangerous. Hope this helps!

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Date of Procedure: 09-01-2010
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