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I've always been self-aware about my appearance down there but until recently didn't really know anything could be done. I should disclose that a couple years ago I started getting intimate with a woman (and no I'm not some kind of whore) so looks in that dept are def important. No one's ever made me feel uncomfortable but I just feel I would be more confident if I looked a bit neater. I do like the barbie look.. I can't really ask anyone I know for an opinion on this so I'm hoping to get honest and unbiased opinions here. Shuld I get a labiaplasty? Do I need anything else? Thanks!


Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty
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peace20From: peace20 | 2012-04-20 20:18:54

If you havent done it yet... dont do it!!! Its not worth it!!! I got it done and yes it looks better but there are so many things that change and will never be the same. Forget ABOUT VANITY AND LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF. I wanted it for 5 years and it plagued me and now that i have it i wish I hadnt been so stupid. I wish someone would have told me not to do it but I didnt tell anyone I was doing it because I was embarrased. its not nateral and as much as it looks nateral in pics it doesnt fell nateral. Just because the scars barely show there is still scar tissue under the skin thats not supposed to be there. And I dont know about anyone else but I miss the feeling of my lips. They were a pleasure center and now theyre gone and i can never get them back. Just trust me from one woman to another its not worth it.
haleigh123From: haleigh123 | 2011-09-19 15:10:48

i apologize! the website is:http:// vaginasoftheworld.tumblr.com/
haleigh123From: haleigh123 | 2011-09-17 21:50:58

beautiful just how it is! you look lovely!!! each woman's labia is different! try- ShowYourVagina.com for some confidence babe!! gorgeous lips you have!
tcalnitskyFrom: tcalnitsky | 2011-08-25 00:42:44

You don't look bad now but you would look beautiful with a reduction. I want one as well. I'm looking for doctors in californa. Which ones would you recomend?
peaches99From: peaches99 | 2011-08-12 06:41:32

I would have surgery, but I had the procedure done myself and wanted to look neat and.. well I somehow felt 'whorish' having large labia. I noticed after two pregnancies they got darker and larger and wanted to feel young again, even thought that doesn't really make sense.
briantx77From: briantx77 | 2011-07-11 23:30:54

If it was my woman's and she said she was thinking of getting a labiaplasty I'd offer to pay for it. Yes, I think you could benefit from getting some work done. But if it really won't change your relationships or feelings about anything, don't bother.
LovemybenzFrom: Lovemybenz | 2011-05-30 20:02:48

I would get it fixed.
AlexisMFrom: AlexisM | 2011-05-26 23:02:27

It looks fine, with a very nice shape. Then again, if it's bothering you, a little trimming would make it absolutely perfect.

Questions to consider: Are you comfortable having sex with the lights on? Are you comfortable receiving oral sex? Do you feel that the appearance is keeping you from feeling happy with your sex life? If it's not so important, save yourself the stress, money, and time of surgery! If it really gets to you, spend the $5,000 and two weeks of recovery and then enjoy a lifetime without worry! Of course, make sure you have a qualified surgeon who knows exactly what you want if you do.
AlexisMFrom: AlexisM | 2011-05-26 22:58:38

I think you look fine, but if it's significantly bothering you I'd get the surgery done. Since you have such a good shape already, a little trimming would make it absolutely perfect!

I think the deciding factor should be, do you feel comfortable having sex with the lights on? Do you feel comfortable when receiving oral sex? Is your appearance getting in the way of your sexual happiness? If it's not such a big deal, I would save the money, time, and temporary lifestyle damper of surgery. If it does bother you tremendously, spend the $5,000 or so, devote 2 weeks of your life to healing, and then enjoy the new you for the rest of your life!
honestviewerFrom: honestviewer | 2011-04-24 08:06:38

I agree with coconutcgo, you have the Perfect soft lips I have ever seen, Perfect puffiness, Perfect shape and size. Why change them?
honestviewerFrom: honestviewer | 2011-04-24 08:04:25

I honestly feel you look beautiful down there! Perfect contours, perpfect lines, perfect puffiness and perfect shape! I can't imagine why you wold like to change it.
Jill8From: Jill8 | 2011-04-15 05:49:09

Personally, I can understand why you think you need surgery. I am quite similar in appearance and am definitely considering surgery on the labia and the hood. I am certain that my preference is for a much neater look. I agree appearance is so important and can be the key to confidence.
sweet.jjFrom: sweet.jj | 2011-04-01 14:39:27

thanks yall! i really appreciate all the kind words. i've talked to a couple folks on here and from the feedback im getting so far the sugery may not be in my cards after all. then again, i'm on a high now from all the positive things people have said, but in real life im still quite insecure. if i knew people would view me as you do in real life, i wouldn't give it a second thought.. shall see..
mester1From: mester1 | 2011-04-01 11:35:11

You look absolutely fine just the way you are. I am in a relationship with another woman too (and I've had this surgery) so I understand why your appearance down there is so important to you, but as with any surgery you never know what the results will turn out like or how you will feel afterwards. It depends whether you're willing to take the risks. I would say that if you're not certain about wanting the surgery then it isn't worth it. You're perfect the way you are and I doubt many people (especially women) who get to see you down there would disagree. If you are experiencing physical comfort then that's another story, but aesthetically you are completely normal.
sh07From: sh07 | 2011-03-31 23:39:47

I agree that you look fine, but if it's something that bothers you by all means do it. getting it done has made such a difference in my confidence, but if you're just asking for opinions on if you need it, I don't think you do.
LondonCFrom: LondonC | 2011-03-31 23:11:26

I think it obviously looks normal.. but doesn't everyones? What I'm trying to say is that every single person looks different and it only has to do with your confidence and how you feel about yourself. I've been self conscious my WHOLE life, and got it done when I was 16 by my gyno, and he did a horrible job and so now 10 years later, I found someone great and did it a second time! I really could not be happier that I did it. I did it for myself too. I never had any guy complain or make any comments about it. Standing up picture looks good, but I can see how the hanging down parts bother you. What city do you live in?
kmellyFrom: kmelly | 2011-03-31 19:31:00

I think you look good..like other comment said... you look proportionate..but if it bothers you its up to you..
coconutcgdFrom: coconutcgd | 2011-03-31 13:47:36

I think your vagina is fine just as it is. your labia and clitoris are proportionate to each-other, and neither are so large that you would need a reduction. I would leave it as is!

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