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super NOOO for this doctor! Horrible Experience
estefan's Review of: Dr. Debbie Garcia-Villanueva

Rating: 1.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
February 4, 2015, 3:52 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. Debbie Garcia-Villanueva (My Profile)
Bacolod City
State:   ()
Country:   Philippines
Reviewer:   estefan (Contact Me)
View My Before/After Photo Album(s):   None available
Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   December 20, 2014
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


Okay! actually im not fond of writing some bad reviews for people for i dont want to ruin their names but i wanna write this for those people who want to seek Dra.Villanueva or should i say dermvskin clinic a skin consulation. Because they deserve a true honest feedbacks from people who actually already did facial and tried her creams.
I dont know y the person above gave her 10 stars to which actually convince me to seek her consultation at first.

to start with my story,i suddenly had my cluster of pimples arising to which i decided to seek for medical advice. I googled on to which is the best dermatologist here in Bacolod City and her name appeared.I read one person review and so i was convince.The next day i went to her clinic.from the staff well they are honestly rude.They dont even smile and they treat u like ur acne can be spread to other person,truly like a shit. But still my patience to see Dra.Villanueva is so high so i waited for my turn to be called.
Now its my time to see her,I went inside clinic and Dra is so mad or upset i dont know what happened to her mood but she supposed to b smiling in order to ease patients' anxiety of being in her clinic and for the skin problems.
she told me what happened to my face and i answered its appears after i put on some haircolors and when i suddenly change my facial wash,like an allergic reaction. but she told me,definitely its not the reason. It could be the food that u eat and its normal in your age to have that acne.Then i told her that its normal for me coz my friends and my family who push me to seek dermatologist for its getting worst and worst.but she just continue on typing and prescribing the creams.she told me to have facial upstairs and so i did.
upon paying.i was shocked it cost me 3,500php. but stil i purchased those creams in order just to have a radiant skin back. i did my facial,well its just a commercial facial.i wonder y they pricked me while having acne.wen i came home then i knew its not advisable to prick active acne but stil im believing her products so i started to use them
she prescribed me too expensive facial wash,klenciderm lotion,calming acne cream,acne cream and sublock!
i started using and its quite itchy but stil i continue on using! next day pimples bcome more swollen and started to appear. Until 5th fay of using my face s horrible with full of cluster angry acne
i went back to her and she just said to continue on using for its just purging and normal
i continued for one week and my parents were so worried they aid me in seeking second opinion
we went to Dr.Montilla,Dr's Hospital
then he told me its allergic reaction to dra villanueva's cream!
ughhhh so horrible really horrible like a nightmare
i felt like i fell down a lot of floors to the ground! i wasted my money thinking i earned it hard for working
then it worsen my face!
Until now i share this experience to my friends and to new people i meet(well if we only have skin or face topic)

Just dont waste ur money and dont wait for ur skin to get worse! DONT DARE TO SEEK CONSULTATION TO DRA VILLANUEVA or TO DERMVSKIN

i wonder who wrote the 10 stars review
it might be her close friends or relatives lol!

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