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My AMAZING Mommy Makeover with Dr Victor Gutierrez
SpecialLady's Review of: Dr. Victor Gutierrez

Rating: 10.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
November 29, 2013, 4:39 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. Victor Gutierrez (My Profile)
Practice Name:
Dr. Victor Gutierrez Plastic & Hand surgery
Reviewer:   SpecialLady (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   June 11, 2013
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My plastic surgery with Dr Victor Gutierrez was an incredible experience that has completely changed my life. At times, it is difficult for me to describe my plastic surgery quest and later my surgery, because it was such and exciting yet emotional experience. So let me start at the beginning of my journey.

My plastic surgery journey began after losing a substantial amount of weight. However, no amount of exercise was helping with my loose skin issues, so I started contacting local plastic surgeons. The plastic surgeon that I was searching for had to meet specific criteria, which made my search all the more complicated. The few in my area did not measure up, so I broaden my search from 2 to 8 hours away from my hometown. I was totally dissatisfied with the lack of information they were providing me, or the plastic surgeons' lack of surgical experience on the procedures I needed to transform my body. Many offices that I contacted seemed comfortable performing face and neck lifts, nose jobs, breast augmentation, and only performed occasional tummy tucks here and there. However, my entire body needed total reconstructive surgery, which required a surgeon to have extensive knowledge, education and experience. I was not going to give up, and settle for second best, so my search continued.

The reason I wanted plastic surgery was simple. I have very high self esteem. I was feeling really good about myself, my weight loss accomplishment, and my life in general. I wanted the outside of my body to reflect what I was feeling on the inside. I was dedicated my nutritarian diet lifestyle and working hard in the gym, however, my body required a total makeover. My breasts were not symmetrical. One was longer than the other without any fat tissue. They were flat lifeless hanging blobs of skin. I was on fence for months about getting implants, but finally decided against them. I also needed a butt lift, because I was sitting on my tail bone, which was extremely painful and sore everyday from sitting on it, plus I did not have enough fat for liposuction to transfer to my butt to make it big enough. The skin on my tummy hung low. My skin is extra soft and very very thin and I have several past scars from various abdomen surgeries. I hate scars! I have beautiful light brown skin. My scars usually heal with a darker pigmentation than my normal skin tone. I was extremely concerned with scars. I am already halfway OCD, so my scar lines had to be straight.

When I was looking for a doctor, I visited hundreds of web sites, and looked at thousands of before and after photos. I watched surgeries on YouTube and I did months of research and a lot of homework. I just had to keep searching for the perfect plastic surgeon for me. If the scar lines were not perfectly straight on the photos, and the breast were not symmetrical, I would move on to the next doctor. I am the type of person, everything has to be just so, and if not, it will drive me crazy! So yes, precise surgical techniques was also on the top of my important list. I am a slow healer and prone to infections, so I needed a surgeon that was extra caring and gentle during surgery. If a persons body is treated delicate, gentle and carefully durning the time of surgery, the trauma to your body will be less. You will heal faster with little or no complications or infections. I also wanted a Board Certified Surgeon/MD with extensive education and medical training.

I started searching for plastic surgeons in south Texas, and that lead me to Mexico, I was wasting too much time trying to navigate throughout each plastic surgeons' web site so I began a different approach. I wrote down a list of plastic surgeons names, email addresses and phones numbers and began emailing and making phone calls. Some never bothered returned my phone calls or respond to my emails, and if they did respond, it was weeks later. I called Dr Victor Gutierrez's office because his name was on my list too. Surprisingly, I got an immediate answer. I was so stunned and nervous, I did not know what to say at first and blurted our something stupid, but gained my composure quickly. I was thrilled that I was able I speak directly to the doctor, and he patiently answered all of my questions. He asked me to send him pictures of my frontal, lateral and back views of my body, and I emailed him those photos. I thought I only needed a tummy tuck, but for my Mommy Makeover he recommended a lower body lift because I would get better results. He also recommended a breast lift with implants and a butt lift. He assured me of his extensive previous experience doing these exact kind of procedures during my phone consultation. I think he was able to sense was very nervous, and he was able to put me at ease. Durning our long phone conversation, I noticed he was very sweet, kind, patient, caring and gentle. I could go on and on about his unique qualities. He was definitely the doctor I had been searching for. His kind attributes alone was a testimony of his personality. Later I visited his web site, which stated he is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. His educational bio, which goes well beyond that of any other plastic surgeon was truly impressive. I went to the picture gallery and noticed the tummy tuck scar lines of his previous patients were perfectly straight, and the breasts augmentations were 100% symmetrical. Yes! I had found my doctor. He was even the only doctor that was concerned about my health, and it is the first thing he asked about. He needed lab/bloodwork to confirm I was healthy enough to undergo these extensive surgical procedures. In fact, it is one of his first requests. It is truly that important! Because he is also a medical doctor, he really cares about the health of each of his patients and is super strict about too. That was very important to me, because I knew if I was faced with some kind of a complication, he would know what to do. If you compare Dr Gutierrez to other plastic surgeons in the area, you will know he is not one of those plastic surgeons that charges $3.00 (dollars) and butchers his patients. They post those horrible pictures on the internet. I am sure you have heard stories. Absolutely Not! He is the Best of the Best. Top notch! He is very firm when it comes to his abilities and can not be compared with other mediocre, untrained, inexperienced plastic surgeons. I was cleared for surgery only after Dr. Gutierrez reviewed my lab/bloodwork and medical history. I was quoted a very reasonable price, and about a month before my surgery, I went to my bank and wired half the money directly to his bank account, and then the balance about a two weeks before my arrival. I was so excited!

I flew into San Diego alone and Dr. Victor Gutierrez was there to pick me up from the airport. I was nervous about meeting him in person for the first time, but his winning smile and warm greeting immediately put me at ease. He was so polite, courteous, and attentive. We conversed the entire time as we made our way to Tijuana, Mexico and crossed the boarder. He made sure I had a excellent meal, then he drove me to my hotel in Tijuana, which is just a few blocks from the boarder, his Plastic Surgery Clinic and the Medical Surgery Center. I knew I had chosen well before I arrived, but meeting him in person for the first time, and talking to him really confirmed how sweet, caring, loving and super smart he was. I knew he would treat me the same gentle caring way during my operation. I trusted him 100%. I stopped worrying about all the little details and just relaxed. However, when I would get a little nervous, which I tend to do, he always knew what to say to calm my fears.

Before my surgery, Dr Gutierrez picked me up from the hotel and we went around the corner to his Plastic Surgery Clinic. While there I filled out several medical forms, had my EKG with the cardiologist, and Dr Gutierrez discussed with me more in depth about the surgical procedures I was about to undergo. I had a chance to ask questions about the procedures, anesthesia, pain management and recovery. He showed me videos of procedures so that I would know exactly what to expect. I was comfortable and it is easy talking to him. Later, Dr Gutierrez marked all over my body in preparation for my surgery. The hardest part for me was standing still, so he allowed me several breaks durning this process. Later, I was introduced to the nursing staff and the saw the wonderful surgery and recovery center; the place where I was going to be staying for the duration of my stay after my surgery. I knew I would be comfortable and have the best post surgical care. When all of that was over, he of course he had to make sure I had a wonderful meal again. Yum, I was stuffed!

Finally, the day of my surgery arrived! I packed my bags that morning and Dr Gutierrez check me out and he paid the total bill for my hotel room, then he drove me to his Plastic Surgery Clinic and Medical Surgery Center. The nurses greeted me with a friendly smile, had me get totally undressed, and told me to put on the blue hospital gown. She effortlessly found a vein and left the butterfly needle in my hand, then put white compression stockings of my legs. I soon met with the anesthesiologist. She questioned me about my past medical history; if I have ever had any problems with anesthesia; my current medications, and if I had anything to eat or drink past midnight. Although the doctor had explained everything to me, she clearly explained everything again about the anesthesia and the process of what was about to happen. I was soon on the operating table. Everything was happening so fast! This is the day I had been waiting for for so long and it was finally here. I was ready! I completely trusted my doctor and was not scared anymore. The anesthesiologist put meds through my IV, then had me lay on my side for 'epidural' meds. After that I was out. I remember a few things since the doctor uses Twilight meds, but for the most part, I can not remember too much of anything. I know he took extra special care of me durning the surgery. Hours later after my surgery was over and I fully woke up, I was moved out of the operating room to a bed in the recovery room. Dr Gutierrez was right there the entire time. The nurses made sure I was propped up, pillowed down and comfortable and I was not in any pain. Now up-under my blue gown I was wrapped tightly in a compression binder, so I could not see my new body, but all of the nurses told me over and over again how beautiful my new body looked. They were amazed at how I looked and told me Dr Victor Gutierrez really did a excellent job on my body. That made me feel really good. My first night in the Surgery Center was good. I was very comfortable and not in any pain, and I watched TV until I went to sleep. The next morning, the nurse checked my blood pressure then took my catheter out and told me I would walk later. Just as the doctor promised, I was not in any pain, however I was not looking forward to walking. The first thing I did was sit on the side of the bed. After I sitting up for a while, the nurses help me lay back down. Oh boy, I knew nature would call soon and I would have to get up and walk. I was brought yogurt and green jello, but could not hold much food, probably because of my abdomnioplasty and the compression binder. Later, the nurses came back. Yes, it was time for me to walk, plus I had to go to the bathroom. The two nurses stood on either side of me as I slowly took it one step at a time. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Once I finished freshening up, I was helped into the bed again. Dr Gutierrez arrived a little later and he was happy to see that I had gotten out of bed and was doing well. After he looked me over, talked to me about the surgery and my health, he told me it was time for a hardy meal. I really was not hungry, but he said eating was important and was insistent that I eat, and ordered salmon for me which was extremely tasty. I felt better with a full tummy. I was really feeling great and not in any pain. I felt pampered and well cared for and loved. I was truly amazed! I spent the next 6 days under Dr Victor Gutierrez's watchful eye, and in the Surgery Medical Center. I continued to get stronger and heal beautifully. My last day in the Surgery Center, Dr Gutierrez and I walked a few steps next door to his Plastic Surgery Clinic. I went into the examination room, laid down and he cut off my compression binder. I raised my head up and looked down at my body. I started smiling from ear to ear. This was the first time I saw my new body. I could not stop smiling. I was speechless. Were those my soft round beautiful perky breast? My stomach was flat and it was no longer hanging. I was amazed! I could not believe it was me. There was not much going into my drains, and I was doing so well, Dr Gutierrez was able to remove all three of my drains. Afterwards, I was carefully helped into my compression garment, then I was able to get dressed, because I was leaving that day. I got my medications from the doctor that I was going to take home with me. I gave hugs and said my goodbyes to those wonderful, caring nurses, and then Dr Gutierrez and I walked to his car so that he could drive me to the airport. My paperwork for wheelchair assistance at the airport had already been filled out and emailed back to them by the doctor, so everything was already arranged when I arrived at the airport. Dr Gutierrez is the best doctor I have ever had. As I said goodbye Dr Gutierrez, he assured me he would still be there for me whenever I needed him.

When I arrived home, he kept his promise and was always there for me. Recovery would not have been easy if I did not have his expert medical support and advice. It was just like he was right there with me whenever I had a question or concern. Healing from this surgery has been incredible. It takes time and patience, yet everyday I am continually amazed at how my body metamorphosed into a beautiful hourglass figure.

My body looks Amazing! My stomach is beautiful and flat. My scars are perfectly straight, flat and are starting to blend in with my skin normal skin tone. I can not see the scars on my breast anymore unless I look very closely. They look so natural, soft, perky and beautiful even without implants. My round butt is beautiful and I am no longer in pain sitting on my tail bone. I do not look like the same person. This has truly been an emotional, amazing journey for me. Finally, the way feel on the inside now reflects how beautiful I look on the outside. My confidence level has sky-rocked! There is no way I would have had results like this without having a excellent plastic surgeon - Dr Victor Eduardo Gutierrez. I shock myself every time I walk by the mirror. I pass by, back up, look at myself again, smile, turn around, check myself out, then keep on going. I honestly did not have to worry about anything. I stopped caring the moment I met Dr Gutierrez because I trusted him so much, and I still do. I put myself into Dr Victor Gutierrez's expert hands, and he transformed me from flab to fab!

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