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OVERALL RATING FOR Dr. david rankin

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Be CAREFUL before you give them a deposit!!!, October 29, 2020, 2:36 pm
Reviewer: bdloucas

BUYER BEWARE!!!!! My wife had booked a surgery with Dr. Rankin as she had breast implant illness. With that booking required a $500 deposit as, according to them, they are extremely busy and booked many months in advance. My wife's illness had gotten worse and we elected to do the surgery here in California where we live (we also have 5 kids and it's very difficult to travel). If you are reading this and don't understand how painful explant surgery recovery is.......it's a very painful and difficult process, mentally and physically. Through this recovery we remembered that we needed to cancel her surgery with Dr. Rankin and realized it was 22 days out (they require 30 days notice). Their administrator LAUREN BLACKWELL showed no care or respect to my wife's recovery and denied us a refund (even though her original surgery date was rebooked and it cost Aqua no money for us to cancel, we verified this with Jeff Rose and their front desk when we called). Aqua lost no money and have shown ZERO CONSIDERATION for what my wife was going through even though they preach that they are ALL ABOUT the patient and what is best for them. PEOPLE PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS PLACE. There are better surgeons and FAR BETTER offices to deal with. DON'T be mislead by those who act as if they have your best interests at heart but are seemingly vindictive when you want to cancel a surgery, even though it is what was best for the patient. Also BEWARE of Water's EDGE Dermatology which is guided by their CCO Jessica Pendola. She had PROMISED to help us come to a resolution but never called us back as she also promised. There are way better companies to deal with, please do your research and find them. So if you are ever speaking with LAUREN BLACKWELL please be careful!!!! In fact, I would advise finding another office to deal with to ensure a better experience.

*****This review is in no way negative towards Dr. Rankin and his work as a surgeon. This review is for their deposit process and our experience with cancellation. Regardless, these processes are VITAL for a business and determine of clients have a positive or negative experience.

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Happy Patient!, April 23, 2012, 11:20 am
Reviewer: shanelleg

After having my first child I was left with a lot of excess skin. I tried working out and eating well but no matter how much weight I lost, the skin would still remain. I spoke to one of my closest friends who is a patient of Dr. Rankin's and she mentioned how great of a doctor he was and how happy she was with her surgery. Although she had a breast augmentation and I looking for something else, she was so pleased with er outcome that it was worth a try for me to check him out. The day of my consult everyone from the front staff to the nurse treating me like i was the only person there. I felt right at home. The doctor then took his time with me and answered everyone of my questions and concerns. I booked my surgery right then and there. I am now only a week out and i can already see and feel the difference in my body. The excess skin is gone and my muscles are tightened. I am thrilled with his work! I recommend him to anyone with any cosmetic procedure. He is awesome!

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Very impressed with this surgeon, August 9, 2011, 1:58 am
Reviewer: Ldybee143

Recently had my injectables by Dr Rankin and I am extremely happy.
I have seen many of Dr Rankin's surgical patients and they are all more than happy with their results as well.
Highly recommend Dr Rankin!

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