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Fly down to this room for a beauty make-over and make-smarter about the many changes and adjustments you will need to make to your facial beauty routines (skincare, makeup, hair care, facial hair care, and more) before and after your facelift, how to conduct these routines in the most healing-friendly ways during post-op, what beauty product brands are recommended to use before and after your procedure, and what beauty-related preparations should be done in advance of surgery.

As symptoms (bruising discolorations, swelling, scars, and lumps and bumps) may continue to linger on your face/neck after you need to go back out to the real world, you will also be able to learn about various tried tried-and-tested camouflage makeup techniques that are effective in hiding them, as well as walk through all the steps involved in each method, and specific makeup brands that may be used. This room also discusses numerous beauty practices, appliances, and accessories that should be avoided during your journey and provides you with suggested timeframes for when you may safely return to them again.


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