This item requires that you sign for your shipment when it is delivered.

Please select a shipping address where you (or someone else) may be present to sign for the delivery. If you have no way of having someone present at delivery, you can leave a note on your door for the shipping carrier giving them permission to leave the item at your door without signature if you are not there. Make sure to include your tracking number, sign the note and also print your full name at the bottom. Please note that the shipping carrier may or may not agree to leave the item at your door without your direct signature, even with this note.

Make Me Heal is not responsible for shipping costs of packages that are not received by the scheduled delivery date due to no one being available to sign for the package.
If the signature delivery is waived, Make Me Heal will not be responsible for any lost/missing packages.

NOTE: Only some items sold by merchants working with Make Me Heal require a signature requirement.

Need help? If you need any help in making shipping arrangements, click here to contact us.