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We Guarantee The Lowest Prices: We’ll Match Any Price On The Internet

Offering you the best possible price for quality products is very important to us. At Make Me Heal, we guarantee that you will always receive the lowest price available online and we will match any domestic internet website’s published price for any product. If you find a price that is lower than ours on another domestic Internet website, we will match it immediately and you will receive the lower price from us. To get the lower price, simply call us toll-free at 1-866-363-4325 (1-866-3-ME-HEAL) or email us at orders@makemeheal.com (if emailing, please provide the name of the product(s) and the link to the website where you saw a lower price for the product(s) that interests you). We will only match a product of the same brand that is on the Makemeheal.com site. We cannot match prices from non-domestic websites, websites that don't have the item in stock, or prices from any website that does not ship within 24 hours of ordering.

Regular Sales & Discounts

We regularly have limited sale offers and discounts on plastic & cosmetic surgery recovery products, skin care products, antiaging skin care product brands, and make up. For this reason, it's a good idea to drive to the Store from time to time and see if there is a sale or special offer on a product that interests you.

Thank you for being a part of Make Me Heal.