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Biotherm and Biotherm Homme are two brands that help thousands of men and women tap into a new energy that recharges the skin, the body and spirit. Each Biotherm skincare routine is an invitation to discover visibly purer, healthier, and younger-looking skin, day-after-day.

Give your skin the luster it deserves with thermal spring water from the Pyrenees, one of nature's greatest sources of Mother Nature goodness. Biotherm Homme for men and Beauty Biotherm products for women both naturally promote healthy skin through a Thermal Plankton extract. This revitalizing concentrate reenergizes the skin through its essential trace elements, minerals salts and proteins.

Men no longer experience rough, dry and flaky skin after using the Biotherm Homme sensitive skin shave cream, Homme Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam . If you're going to choose a cornerstone for your shaving regimen, this is one Biotherm skincare product you can't do without. Add to your biotherm product collection with Biotherm Homme Hydra-Detox Detoxifying Moisturizer . This post shave solution soothes any nicks and cuts, while draining stress related toxins for a shinier you.

Speaking of find a newer, inner you, women find Biopur Matifying Astringent Refreshing Lotion just the right body tonic after a hard day at the office. This is one Biotherm for women item that's proving popular with active women who still want to feel fresh and feminine after any hectic activity.

Within the Biotherm range, soothing Pure Extract of Thermal Plankton is combined, according to the purpose of each product, with the most active and the purest of ingredients for unique, tailored skincare results. Whatever your skin type, way of life or surroundings, Biotherm has the answer. Lastly, Biotherm offers men and women a whole new world of sensations with refreshing, fluid and light water-based textures