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For over twenty years, Decleor has perfected the craft of aromatherapy, a distillation process that ensures 100% naturally pure essential oil. Created in Paris in 1974, Decleor is now recognized worldwide as the most comprehensive and effective range of Aromatherapy for face and body treatments.

Decleor offers essential oils with toning, antiseptic, softening and healing qualities that are easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it instantly refreshed and radiant.

Decleor's innovative "Duo Concept" is a unique system that is simple and effective for achieving beautiful skin. Known as a natural beauty booster, the "Duo Concept" allows for the maximum benefit of the entire Decleor line. The first concept is Aromessence, the purest plant extracts for your face and body. The second concept is Phytotherapy, creams, gels, mousses and lotions whose powers are multiplied with the proven effects of Aromessence. Because skin deserves the best, Decleor products are tailor made to be simple and effective. The combination of Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy naturally enhances the beauty of skin.

Based on Eastern holistic philosophies, Decleor approach to beauty is indeed unique in its combination of the purest, most
potent and natural ingredients. Decleor has devoted years of intensive research to creating Europe's most comprehensive and effective range of beauty treatments and today is recognized as a leading authority in Aromatherapy skincare.