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Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka, Skin Care, Discount

For more than 40 years Dr.Hauschka Skin Care has led the way in holistic skin care. Dr.Hauschka Skin Care offers a complete line of holistic personal care products to encourage a return to balanced health and radiant beauty.

Every ingredient that goes into a Dr. Hauschka Skin Care preparation has an important job to do. Whether delivering essential moisture, encouraging resilience, improving efficacy or adding natural, therapeutic fragrance, each ingredient is carefully selected for its particular effects and its interaction with the whole composition. Hauschka manufacturer WALA Heilmittel has been studying and working with healing plant and mineral extracts since the 1940's. Over the decades they've developed an in-depth understanding of the way certain plants mirror specific skin functions and the manner in which each plant interacts with the skin to stimulate and support health, balance and beauty. Their pharmaceutical expertise joins over thirty-five years of pioneering work in holistic esthetics to create the purest, most effective natural skin care preparations available.

Dr.Hauschka Skin Care stands proudly by the products they sell, knowing that their purity and efficacy are helping people to nurture their own health and beauty and inspiring them to recognize and foster beauty and well-being in others.