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Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder, Skin Care, Discount

Estee Lauder has a strong heritage of family and quality behind the name. Estee Lauder is a very ethical company with a strong Research and Development Department constantly searching for the next best thing.

Estee Lauder's Skin Care line offers quality products to interrupt the destructive aging cycle by helping sensitive skin rebuild its protective barrier. All Estee Lauder Vérité formulas are free of emulsifiers, common irritants that actively break down the moisture barrier and dramatically increase sensitivity. With continued use of Vérité, your skin stops acting so sensitive and starts to act like normal skin. Fewer lines and wrinkles will appear over time. All Vérité formulas have been extensively safety-tested on sensitive skin. All Estee Lauder beauty products are Dermatologist- and allergy-tested.

Estée Lauder scientists have learned that a wrinkle is actually a series of "micro-tears" that can be caused by repetitive facial movements and the stress skin experiences from environmental exposure. In fact, as skin repeatedly creases in the same place, irritation occurs triggering the breakdown of collagen and elastin and increasing the depth and length of the wrinkle.

To fight these wrinkles, the Estee Lauder team has created the Perfectionist: this skin care product intercepts the cycle of irritation and helps skin strengthen its vital support elements. The effects can be noticed immediately, and the benefits build as you continue to use it. As you smooth it on, Perfectionist virtually immobilizes lines and wrinkles without affecting your natural facial expressions. Like an invisible liquid bandage, this concentrated, silky serum immediately fills in wrinkles with a flexible elastomer.

At the same time, this unique elastomer features the latest optical technology to visibly blur away the look of wrinkles and color-correct sallowness, uneven skintone, dark spots and discolorations. You'll see your skin surge with a noticeable vitality, clarity and luminous new look.

All Estée Lauder skincare products can be used by both women and men.