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HairMax LaserComb


The World's first at-home laser treatment for hair

Using the scientific principle of "Photo-Biostimulation", the HairMax LaserComb progressively improves the appearance of your hair by harnessing the energizing and nourishing effects of Laser PhotoTherapy to make hair look healthy and vibrant. The HairMax Laser Comb is the only device ever approved by the FDA and one of only three products to be clinically proven to promote hair growth as well as prevent further hair loss in men (the other two being Regaine and Propecia).

For many years, leading hair clinics and salons in Europe, Asia and around the world have been using Laser PhotoTherapy a form of laser technology also referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy to improve the appearance of hair. Over and over individuals suffering from thin, lifeless hair have achieved great results with this form of therapy.

But until just recently, Laser PhotoTherapy was only available through exclusive hair clinics. These clinics rely on large, fixed laser devices that necessitate the patient to attend many regularly scheduled, often inconvenient, "in office" therapy sessions.

However, a new more convenient and affordable option to this traditional method of receiving Laser PhotoTherapy began to evolve in the late 90's. In 2000, Lexington International developed and patented the HairMax LaserComb to miniaturize the internationally established technology of Laser PhotoTherapy. Thus, making it possible for the first time, for you to receive this effective hair care treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home, office or hotel - at a fraction of the cost charged by hair clinics.

Direct experience shows that, unlike other treatments, men and women of all ages respond to the positive benefits of Laser PhotoTherapy. This picture gallery of before and after photos displays the amazing results achieved with the HairMax LaserComb :

The HairMax LaserComb was designed and developed in Australia and is manufactured in the USA under strict quality oriented standards. The LaserComb is also patented in the USA with additional patents pending around the world.