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Nuface, Skin Care, Discount

Read Frequently Asked Questions About Nuface Skin Care.

Rent it before you buy it : We know that buying NuFace Microcurrent Skin Toning Device is not an easy decision without trying it first and seeing if it works. To make this decision easier and because we are so confident of the product, we are offering you the ability to try the device by renting it first before buying it. Now, you can rent the unit for 1 month for a cost of $95 or 2 months for a cost of $160. Simply select the rental period you wish to have (1 month or 2 months) from the 'Size' drop-down menu above. Learn more about the Rental Instructions & Terms.

Why Nuface Skin Care?

Over time, your muscles respond to repeated use and 'memorize' familiar actions. Following the natural contours of your face, NuFace skin care delivers gentle micro current impulses to strategic locations diminishing minor lines and wrinkles, restoring the tone and facial muscles to a more youthful balance.

Based on the successful principles of the Micro Dermal Tone technique, NuFace delivers a gentle micro current to the cells, rehabilitating and firming the facial muscles. This soothing stimulus restores the natural balance and tone gently and safely in the privacy of your home.

NuFace uses safe, painless, low-level, waveform-shaped currents (electrical impulses) to 'reprogram' the muscles to nearly original muscle shape. The gentle electrical impulses actually rehabilitates the muscles and improves circulation, texture, tone, and fine lines. Regular use of the NuFace will continue to provide muscle strength and restore freshness to appearance.

By increasing cellular blood flow, cell turnover is increased, leading to increased amounts of collagen, elastin, and connective tissue. This assists with skin rejuvenation, delays aging of the skin, and reduces the appearance of facial wrinkling


NuFace is easy to use. A simple manual knob allows the user to turn the
equipment on/off and adjust settings.


NuFace has a frequency range between 0-500 MicroAmps for optimal customer effectiveness.    


NuFace allows the user flexibility in customizing the settings to each area of the
face or body being treated.


NuFace is very portable for the ease of mobility and travel, whether it be from
treatment room to treatment room or across the Pacific Ocean .


The Skin Star Inc.'s equipment is virtually maintenance-free. Any required
maintenance can be arranged through your Skin Star Inc. representative.
Each Skin Star Inc. machine includes a warranty.

Behind Nuface:

Skin Star Inc.'s strategy is to provide patients with reputable results-driven micro current equipment and physician researched skin care. The success begins with Skin Star Inc.'s commitment to focus solely on esthetic micro current and anti-aging. By fully understanding the esthetics market, Skin Star Inc.'s is able to provide prompt, quality micro current equipment and skin care.

Micro current equipment requires experience and knowledge of the supporting team at Skin Star Inc. Carol Cole, the founder of Skin Star Inc. has worked in the esthetics industry since 1983, and has been working with micro current since 1985. Through Carol's experience, she has worked with respected manufacturers to innovate distinguished micro current equipment.

Skin Star Inc. believes in the competitive advantage that lies in the ability to produce superior micro current equipment and scientifically researched skin care specifically for our cherished customers.