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pH Advantage

pH Advantage, Skin Care

The pH Advantage Promise

  • Prepares - cleanses and tones to make the skin more receptive for correction and stimulation
  • Corrects - helps repair damage to the skin surface, helps reduce pigmentation, uneven skin tone and smoothes skin roughness
  • Stimulates - helps repair damage to deeper layers of the skin; helps restore elasticity and the new formation of collagen
  • Protects - prevents further damage from harmful UVA and UVB rays and the sensitive areas around the eyes
  • Controls - maintains the correction and stimulation process

Behind pH Advantage

Dr. Cohen, creator of pH advantage, first became interested in skincare while he was a resident with the world-renowned Long Island Plastic Surgery Group in New York. At that time most plastic surgeons had not yet embraced the benefits of comprehensive skin rejuvenation and maintenance programs and, most importantly, how this could impact surgical results.

He feels the biggest trend in aesthetic medicine is the integration of organic ingredients with high tech treatments that have long-lasting significant benefits. His patients needed treatments that really work and have a lasting effect.

Based on this growing trend, he developed a special interest in certain ingredients and their concentrations, and how they positively affected the skin, especially before and after surgery. As an aesthetic plastic surgeon, he is trained to look at the skin in a very complex way. The quality of his patient's skin is very important in determining what kind of surgical outcome he or she can expect.

He limits his recommendations to products that have the appropriate clinical documentation supporting their effectiveness and to those that show proven results in the long run.

With that in mind, he formulated the pH ADVANTAGE line of products.