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As the first and only Bioengineered Skincare brand, Priori utilizes the most advanced scientific technologies to create effective anti-aging products. Made with antioxidants like Idebenone, Priori products are made from both nature and science for powerful results.

Idebenone Superceuticals

Nicknamed 'Super CoQ10', Idebenone is a potent antioxidant that is more than 1000 times more effective than CoQ10. Idebenone stops free radical damage in skin cells to stop cell aging and protects against stress from environmental free radicals. Idebenone helps reduce the signs of aging caused by the aging process, sun damage, air pollution, ozone, and smoking.

Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals

As the skin ages, it loses its ability to retain moisture. Advanced AHA stimulates skin's ability to retain moisture and enhances skin's exfoliation for healthy, younger looking skin. Priori uses the only AHA with a LCA complex that is made from a combination of lactic acid and antioxidants like Vitamin A, C, and E.

CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals

The most potent antioxidant, CoffeeBerry extract is made with polyphenol antioxidants to dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and even skin tone. Clinically tested, CoffeeBerry is 3 times more potent than green tea.

Behind the Skincare Brand

Priori Skincare was created by Cosmeceutical scientists Joseph A. Lewis II and Joseph C. DiNardo. These anti-aging authorities were behind AHA in 1983, Idebenone in 2004, and CoffeeBerry in 2008.