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Read Frequently Asked Questions About Santica Beauty Recipes Anti-Cellulite Formula

Due to stress, pollution, aging and hormonal changes, our skin loses its elasticity and firmness. The slackening of facial skin is caused by the degeneration of the connective supporting tissue, i.e. the elastine and collagen fibres in our skin. As a result, skin looses tone and density and lacks elasticity.

While much attention is given to the necessity of having an effective skin care plan supported by creams and cosmetic treatments, it is equally important to address the underlying nutritional needs and health of the skin. As a living tissue, the skin requires nourishment to stay healthy. This nourishment cannot be provided only by topical creams. This nourishment largely comes from foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals essential fatty acids, and other nutrients which are crucial for optimal skin health and wellness. Even if you have a well-balanced diet, it is quite likely possible that you do not obtain regular servings of foods that have optimal levels of the important nutrients that are needed to keep your skin healthy. Additionally, the quality and variety of foods that you eat may overlook some key nutrients.

Santica offers both advanced formulas creams and supplements to promote healthy skin elasticity and density. Within a few days of this regimen, significant increase in skin tone, elasticity and density can be visibly observed. Regarding the cellulite treatment, great results have been obtained by all patients with a significant reduction of the appearance cellulite, reduction in circumferences of hips, abdomen, thighs, ankles for a better body ;silhouette' with natural drainage of the excess fluid in the concerned body areas.

Santica USA is a joint venture with Medestea Internazionale, a company based in Torino , Italy heavily involved in cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals research and development. Medestea manufactures and markets the highly successful Santica brand of cosmetics, health & beauty supplements and garments for use in the area of body beautification. All of the featured products are developed in three company owned state-of-the-art laboratories and production facilities in Italy.

In just fifteen short years, Santica has become the leading cosmetic brand in Italy and is among the top selling brands in all of Europe and can be found in 26 countries around the world.

The company invests a substantial amount of capital in the area of research and development and is recognized for its commitment to creating superior grade supplements and applied cosmetics, utilizing only the highest quality ingredients. This has lead to the company being chosen to receive the Stamp of Quality from the Italian National Consumer Association, a part of the European Consumer Association for two of its products-Cellulase Gold and Reviface. Medestea is the first company in Europe to receive this prestigious award.

Recently, the company was selected by the Italian Ministry of Health to develop a vaccine for HIV, commissioned to develop a program in the area of Stem Cell Research, and is working on a new food preservative. The company has conducted numerous clinical studies and trials with Universities in Italy including; the University of Rome , Milan , Modena , Parma , Siena , Florence and Turin and had trials held in Japan and the United States.

Now, the Santica brand is dedicated to providing these high-quality beauty supplements and cosmetics to the American woman. Santica 'Beauty Recipes' contain the most effective, highest quality key ingredients in ideal concentrations to achieve safe, noticeable results.

To assess and substantiate results and safety, Medestea implemented rigorous third-party clinical trials and toxicology studies with universities throughout Europe and Italy , in Japan and the United States . Clinical trials were conducted by world-renowned dermatologists including Professor Enzo Berardesca of the historic San Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome , which is run by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Many of Santica's studies have been peer reviewed and/or published in international scientific journals, with more to come.  Medestea invests a great deal of money in research and development, utilizing universities and well-respected institutions in Rome , Buenos Aires , Philadelphia and Paris .

The company maintains a state-of-the-art laboratory and three separate production facilities in Italy .

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