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SunSoul Skin Rejuvenating Clothing

SunSoul, Skin Rejuvenation

Learn about SunSoul Skin Rejuvenating Clothing

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SunSoul Technology

SunSoul Skin Rejuvenating Clothing

SunSoul Skin Rejuvenating Clothing is a revolutionary development in clothing that uses fluorescent therapeutic material to create skin rejuvenation benefits for the wearer and improve the health and condition of aging or sun-damaged skin. Sunsoul offers hats and shirts that rejuvenate and improve the appearance and condition of the the targeted skin areas while additionally treating commonly faced skin conditions in just a few hours a week.

SunSoul Skin Rejuvenating Clothing uses fluorescent technology to deliver the benefits of the sun's healthy yellow rays to your skin while protecting from harmful UV. Yellow light promotes skin rejuvenation by smoothing skin, improving skin tone and reducing wrinkles or skin discoloration due to aging or sun damage. Only a few hours a week in the sun of wearing SunSoul Clothing will provide enough yellow light to dramatically rejuvenate the skin.

Science has long known the sun was good for you, but the dangers of UV light made exposure risky � until now. Now the quest for healthy skin can move back outdoors. The materials have been clinically studied with their benefits supported by globally recognized skin specialists. SunSoul's advanced patent-pending technology offers clients natural, effective solutions to their skin concerns � aging skin, sun-damaged skin, acne blemished skin � while supporting a healthy, active lifestyle.

SunSoul Skin Rejuvenating Clothing Benefits

  • Quick & Convenient: Only a few hours in the sun a week wearing SunSoull will provide a dose of yellow light similar toa visit to the professional spa
  • Cost Effective : As effective as a spa visit without the hefty price
  • Proven Effectiveness : Studies have shown SunSoul to be effective at blocking harmful UV rays while trasmiting infrared light to promote rejuvenating and healing effects

Before & After Photos

After (With SunSoul Hat)

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How SunSoul Skin Rejuvenating Clothing Works

SunSoul's revolutionary fluorescent material is the first of its kind to selectively amplify narrow bands of healthy light from the sun and deliver them to the skin while blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays. The proprietary pigment technology allows SunSoul to amplifty select bands of the sun's spectrum, bringing to the skin a tailored delivery of coloured light to improve medical and cosmetic conditions of the skin. SunSoul is a Toronto-based company, made up of a team of globally recognized scientists and dermatology specialists, aiming to be a market leader in light technology to treat medical and cosmetic conditions of the skin.

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