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Breast/Genital Cold & Hot Therapy

How Can Cold & Hot Therapy Benefit Me During The Breast Feeding Period?

As you come in here to cool off in the Cold & Hot Therapy floor of KeepMomBeautiful, you will find reusable cold and hot therapy compresses that are specially designed for the breast. Many of these compresses offer the convenience of being able to be used for both cold and hot therapy. Cold therapy is particularly beneficial for moms who are breastfeeding. Cold therapy helps reduce the swelling of breasts that have become engorged after two or three days of post-partum. Cold therapy also helps reduce the "shooting pains" that can occur after nursing and that are believed to be related to a sudden refilling of the breast. Hot therapy helps provide relief from breast pain that occurs at the beginning of nursing that is called "letting down of the milk".

Cold compresses are quickly chilled in the freezer (10-15 minutes depending on the product) or in the refrigerator. A compress is typically heated by boiling water, hot tap water or by heating in a microwave.

The following compresses are available at our Maternity Beauty Store: